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The World of Farm Animals: An Early Encyclopedia for Beginning Readers (Hardcover)

Author: Balloon Books

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Product description

With a quack and an oink and a neigh and a bray, the animals are welcoming you to the farm! Meet them all and see what they do. Here’s the cow, grazing andgetting ready for her milking. Look at the sheep’s thick coat: just before summer, she’ll be sheared and her fleece turned into wool. Cluck-cluck, the chickens lay their eggs; maybe one will hatch into a soft, downy chick. Don’t forget the pigs in the mud, the donkeysin the field, and the geese and ducks near the water.Of course, there’s also a dog to herd and a cat to catch mice. Lots of fabulous facts teach kids the male and female names for the animals, what the babies are called, what they eat, and more. And, these colorful, close-up photos are the next best thing to reallybeing there.

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