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Schleich 42407 Large Farm House
Schleich Large Farm House, Divided
Schleich Large Farm House, Barn
Schleich Large Farm House, Family Figures
Schleich Large Farm House, Boxed

Schleich 42407: Large Farm House

Only Schleich Large Farm House needed for your family to live with there pets, with the farm animals taking up residence in the adjoining barn set on stilts.

Brand: Schleich

Product description

Finally a Schleich playset where your figures can go after a hard days work taking care of the farm animals - and this large farm house doesn't disappoint, packed with lots of features.

This Schleich Large Farm House should from now act as the focus of all farm play, thanks to the adjoining barn on stilts that sit's next to the house.

The farm house is furbished like most family homes, it has a fitted kitchen and bedroom with a comfy bed. The house has windows with flower pots and an opening door from the kitchen and a door that opens to the balcony.

With the focus on this playset on the farm house, attention will soon turn back to the multi-functional barn on stilts, with a working winch that goes up and down and runs along the railing system carrying heavy haystacks on the winch clip.

Below the barn is a large open animal pen for keeping up to four farm animals; the cow, calf, donkey foal and piglet - though it will be tempting to keep them in the house.

Well the set comes with two 'poseable limb' Schleich figures, they work with the wheelbarrow, broom, fork and ladder, with a bunch of accessories to keep the fun going.


  • Item No: 42407
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in closed box with handle
  • Made from plastic
  • Farm house with upstairs and down
  • Barnyard with hayloft and animal pen
  • Functional winch with grip
  • Opening kitchen door, balcony door, secret attic door
  • Includes: two-part house/barn, female figure, male figure, dog, cat, cow, calf, donkey foal, piglet and more...
  • Schleich Farm World series
  • Dimensions: L19.3 x W5.5 x H13.6
  • Weight: 6.16lb

Manufacturer details

Schleich logo

Released in 2018 as Schleich's first and only farm house, designed to accommodate the whole Farm World series and fully compatible with all figures and animals. It acts as the centerpiece for all play with living quarters for figures - and a barn set for animals. This is a large play set so Schleich have made it into two-parts, so use it together or apart, it's up to them.

Guide to Schleich Large Farm House

There's so much to know about this only large farm house for your Schleich family and animals, we've had to create this handy guide to show you just what it has to offer.

the Farmhouse

Use the Schleich farm house on it's own or position it next to the barn on stilts to create a big playset for the family and animals.

The smaller section is the living quarters for the two figures to live with their pets. Its equipped with all the usual household furniture including a sink in the kitchen and bed in the bedroom.

There's no direct access from the house to the barn, so the figures will go out to come back in. Access to the upstairs on the house and barn side happens via the ladder.

Barn with Hayloft

Did you know this is a two-part Schleich Large Farm House and Barn set, well focus is on the house part of the playset, still the barn area has the most fun to be had.

Completely open with unrestricted access from one side, the barn is on stilts and therefore fun in the barn takes part upstairs - accessed via the ladder.

The winching system runs along the length of the barn and has two hayloft window points with a hole in the middle of the barn to lower the haystacks into the animal pen below.

Animal Pen

This animal pen is made up of both metal and wooden 'effect' fence panels, well the metal 'effect' corral sections has a working gate to allow access for the animals.

Usually reserved for cattle, corral pens contain cows, bulls or calves, but with a little imagination the pen can be divided up to keep farm animals in there own sections.

Half of the animal pen is sited directly beneath the barnyard above, well additional fence sections make up the rest of the large pen - all panels connect to each other and to the barn stilts.

Doors & Windows

You can't exclude windows and doors, and as simple as it sounds, they do provide extra play value well letting light in on the rooms.

The farm house has two opening doors on hinges, the door to access the kitchen on the ground floor and the balcony door via the bedroom upstairs - there's also a secret attic door accessed by the roof.

The barn section has a double set of opening hayloft doors and a clear opening skylight, well the barn allows unrestricted access for animal play.

Working Winch

So how do you get an heavy haystack or bale to the hayloft? That's right, you use the winch to bring it to the top, using the lever to bring it up and inside the barn.

Once more, this functional winch is on a unique railing system, so can be pulled in with ease to run the full length of the barn to the second hayloft window opposite.

When the haystacks are needed for feeding the farm animals, lower the winch down the center of the hayloft and drop off directly into the animal pen below.

Schleich Family

Schleich's only farm house must come complete, so it's only natural to have a family that come with the new home - with the male and female farmer taking charge.

During busy farming schedule they will rake, broom and store haystacks in the hayloft, and look after all the farm animals in the pens beneath the barnyard.

At night well settled in, they will attend to the pets and make dinner. Both these Schleich figures have poseable limbs, so therefore can push the wheelbarrow, grasp the ladder or hold onto items.

Farm Animals or Pets

With the focus of this playset being on the house, Schleich have made sure equal attention is on the barn side of the set, therefore all types of animals are needed.

So in the Schleich farm house you'll expect the family dog and cat to roam free and play with each other, well a little squeaky friend the mouse comes to visit.

And well the family pets may well make there way to the barn, this is where the farm animals live with each other, including the cow and calf, the donkey foal and little piglet.


All the accessories you could possibly need to run the household and take care of the farm animals are included in this set, though each accessory serves to improve what you already have.

Take the pitch fork, wheelbarrow, crate and haystacks, all these items play a part in the barn, with the hay stacks used with the winch, the wheelbarrow gets pushed, and the crate stores in the barn.

Then you have the ladder, broom, table and chair, cutlery, hose, flower pot and ladder - and well the ladder is used to access both the top level of the farm house and barn - the rest of the accessories are sprinkled around the home to make it cozy.

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