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Schleich 42379: Tractor with Front Loader & Trailer

The only Schleich tractor you'll need, as it comes complete with a working front loader with pivoting bucket, multi-use tipping trailer with a figure for driving.

Brand: Schleich

Product description

You have to get into Schleich's mind to understand the release of this tractor, instead of a standalone model, why not a release one that is fully equipped with extras.

And that's exactly what this Schleich tractor is, no upgrades later to make it more interesting, right out of the box you have a toy tractor with a ton of features and functions.

Most noticeable you'll agree is the working front loader with pivoting bucket. You'll need to attach it before using it, but bonus - you can use the tractor with or without the front loader.

Then there's the multi-purpose tipping trailer; it can tip sideways, backwards as far as you need to, with the ability to fold down all the side panels - the trailer can also be removed from the base.

So use it with or without the front loader and trailer, because the Schleich tractor still has lots to offer, with free rolling wheels and detailed exterior.

What we like most about this set is that you can position the Schleich figure in a sitting down pose, open the driver's cabin door and secure him in place to drive the tractor.


  • Item No: 42379
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Includes: tractor, figure, front loader, trailer, round bale
  • Opening cab door, rolling wheels
  • Schleich Farm World range
  • Dimensions: L15.3 x W9.1 x H6.5 inches
  • Weight: 3lb

Manufacturer details

Schleich logo

Decade ago Schleich released their first tractor, then a decade later they released an upgraded standalone model with front loader. Then came this multi-use Schleich tractor with front loader and trailer in the Farm World series. Now expect this model to last sometime in the series behind we see anymore releases, though its the only tractor you'll need.

Guide to Schleich Tractor

Not much is needed to understand how this Schleich tractor toy works, as its self-explanatory out of the box, with just the front loader and bucket attachment needed fixing - and we explain how to.

the Schleich Tractor

The only Schleich tractor you will need, complete with functional front loader, trailer and hay bale, and a tractor driver for fitting behind the wheel.

Decked out in green with red alloy, the large driver's cabin can be accessed via the opening door so you can slot the Schleich driver and position him as if he's really driving.

Then focus turns to the rear hitch, its a simple hook design as the trailers tow bar hooks on. And well you can't steer the wheels, the big tread tires will help with heavy farming work.

The only tractor in 1:24 scale, ideally you will want to use this tractor with Schleich 'Farm Word' series only, or perhaps with Papo and Safari Ltd too.

Towing the trailer

Basic, multi-functional tipping trailer is what you'll need to complete a multitude of farm jobs. Sure, a plow would be ideal and so would a baler, but they are limited in functionality.

This Schleich multi-use tipping trailer can do just that, with a side tipping and back tipping action - plus all four side panels can be released from there catch to fold down.

Well sitting on a twin-axle, the trailer is made to take heavy, large loads well the tow bar of the trailer can easily be attached to the rear hitch of the tractor - did we mention the whole trailer can be remove from the chassis.

Later on you might want to upgrade the tractor set with the Schleich conveyer, this conveyer it not only useful for loading hay into the trailer, but can be towed behind the tractor like the trailer can.

Working Front Loader

Out of the box the front loader is not attached to the tractor, so you have to do this yourself. But not to worry, its easy as can be.

Simply take the end of the front loader where there are attachment holes, and insert them into the corresponding fixtures located on the inside of the front small wheels.

This section then stays put, well the front loader can be lifted up and down using central mechanism.

You'll have to attach the bucket attachment also, and when you do it has a pivoting function, like real life front loaders for picking up and dropping off - very useful for transporting the heavy round bale.

Schleich Tractor Driver

This Schleich tractor set won't be complete without a driver sitting behind the wheel. And unlike the Schleich Farmer with goat, this figure is made to exclusively drive the tractor.

And well yes he do general work around the farm, his limbs are poseable, meaning he can be positioned into a sitting pose and sat securely behind the wheel of the tractor.

Simply open the driver's cabin door to place the figure within the cab with his legs bent on the hips and knees, with his arms stretched out as if he's driving the tractor.

Farm World compatible

Integrates into the Schleich Farm World series nicely, well made in near 1:24 scale, it is compatible with all toys that are made to fit this tractor.

As an upgrade from the previous standalone Schleich tractor release many moons ago, this is now your only form of transport for farming work, with the pickup truck used as a runaround.

As the only tractor with trailer in the series, they've made sure its equipped with functional front loader with the multiple-use trailer that comes with it.

Use with the Barn & Silo

Pay close attention to what this Schleich tractor can achieve, because little work on the farm can be done by hand, so a heavy lifting vehicle is needed.

And that's where this tractor comes in, as its fully equipped to deal with all sorts of work, the tractor compliments the Schleich Large Farm with Accessories and likewise - the Schleich Silo perfectly.

Its not just the barn or silo, but all farm buildings and structures in the series.

Round bale of hay

Get off the ground with a simple big round bale of Schleich hay, so they have something to do right out of the box, with additional Schleich farm accessories added later.

You see, this big round bale of hay comes off the field that's just been harvest using the baler, so then its the farmers job to pick up the large, heavy hay bale using the tractor front loader.

Its then carried back to the farm to be stored in the Schleich barn. As an alternative, why not lift up the bale off the ground using the front loader, load it into the trailer, reconnect the hitch and off you go.

Free-rolling wheels, no steering

We have to say these are mean looking, deep tread rubber-like tires fitted to this Schleich tractor.

And rest assured there's nothing that can go wrong with these four wheels as they are free-rolling. If they were friction-powered for example they could break, but free rolling last the test of time.

This also means the child has full control, simply push forward or backwards. But just so you know, there's no steering function on these wheels.

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