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Schleich (42375) Farmer with Goat
Schleich farmer man
Schleich goat
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Schleich (42375) Farmer
Schleich farmer man
Schleich goat
Schleich apples
Schleich fork

Schleich 42375: Farmer with Goat

Designed to be used with the Farm World series, this Schleich farmer comes with a realistic toy goat and a bunch of accessories to keep the fun going on the farm.

Brand: Schleich

Product description

What's better than a Schleich farmer to head up the running of the farm as a stand alone figurehead, than with a goat and accessories to accompany him.

That's right, its double the fun with this figure and the plastic toy goat and accessories, making this play set worth the child's time, keeping them extra busy with the bunch of red apples and pitch fork.

Play is extended a little more as the brightly colored farmer has working arms that can move as he looks after the goat and picks the fresh apples.

Well the goat makes friends with the rest of the farm animals, this farmer will clean up outside, use the pitch fork to sweep the loose hay, feed the animals and make sure the farm runs smoothly.

When you need a Schleich figure to look after the animals and run the barn, this Schleich farmer play set is all you'll need - with the bonus of a single toy goat and apples.


  • Item No: 42375
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in window display box
  • Made from plastic
  • Set includes farmer, goat, red apples, pitchfork
  • Schleich Farm World range
  • Dimensions: L2 x W7.4 x H6.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.75lb

Manufacturer details

Schleich logo

In a bid to keep up with the vast array of farm figures available, this Schleich (2017) release is set to be a good choice when looking for a spearhead to run the farm in the Farm World series. So the answer is a simple but effective toy farmer, made more interesting with a Schleich goat and accessories, this one can be used in addition to, or as the main farmer.

Guide to Schleich (42375) farmer with goat

There's every reason to use a Schleich farmer (with goat) around the farm, realistic play can only be enhanced with a toy figure taking care of the farm animals and running the farm.

Poseable arms

Not long ago Schleich farmers were simply made from an injection mold with no functionality. These days, Schleich have go way beyond that.

Now this Schleich release has poseable functions, and well the feature is limited, I can increase the interest in play from the little ones.

In this Schleich farmer, the arms are poseable at the shoulder joints, allowing the young ones to move the arms around well using the fork, picking up the apples and attending the goat.

Stand alone goat

As a matter of fact, before it was no longer available, this Schleich goat could be bought separately with a bunch of goat breeds.

Well it also applies to the Schleich farmer, the detailed plastic toy goat can be used away from the figure and join the farm animals in the barn.

That's right, well they are sold together, the young ones are free to explore there imagination and use the figure and goat together or apart, depending on how they wish to play with them.

Apples and fork extend play

Its all well and good having a Schleich figure to care of your goat, but what happens when the things to do around the farm get a little stale and boring.

Throw in something as simple as a bunch of apples and a pitch fork into the mix, and this is where the play value increases, giving the young farmer more to do.

Out in the garden the pitch fork should be sturdy enough to pick at loose soil and sand, well the apples can be used for the goat to eat.


If it doesn't stand up right then its not a very good figure to start with, but thanks to Schleich they take extra care when designing their figures, insuring they are carefully balanced.

When it comes to the Schleich farmer, if you pay a little more attention, you'll notice the feet are a little bit bigger than the rest of the body.

This will insure that the figure can be stood up right when playing on the farm set or taking care of the goat.

But as with the figure, you can rest assured with four legs, the Schleich goat has no problem balancing, and should stay standing on a carpet or hard flooring.

Educational value

For parent buying this figure and goat set, you will and should be hoping for any educational value in the toy, and well its not huge, there is a little in the set.

To start with, role playing is an important development in children, and with the Schleich farmer and goat they should play the role as the farmer running the farm, well knowing what a goat eats - which is everything by the way - and the goats behavior.

So well this Schleich (42375) figure and animal set is limited, it can still involve plenty of play with educational value to boot, even if the child does not realize it.

Make it official

If you wish to learn more about this set, why not visit another web site where you can read more details.

On the official Schleich product page (now unavailable0 you'll be able to view stunning high-definition images with close up shots - but pay close attention to the scientific facts and functions section.

Well you are free to visit the official page, this is only a user reference page so you will not be able to buy from the website directly.

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