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Schleich 42339 Rabbit Hutch
Schleich Rabbit Hutch, Playset
Schleich Rabbit Hutch, Boxed

Schleich 42339: Rabbit Hutch with Rabbits & Feed Set

Nothing to add to this Schleich Rabbit Hutch set as it's all there with the girl making sure the rabbit and her bunnies are fed and entertained in the enclosure.

Brand: Schleich

Product description

The hutch has all the odd-cons you'll need to house the rabbits with a few functional parts to maintain interest in this complete playset.

The two front doors can open up with a couple of door knobs and a lock to keep them shut tight when the rabbits are down for the night.

As the main compartment is divided into two, each door can open individually to gain access to either side, with two opening fold-down doors on the right and left side for the rabbits to exit there.

Out of the Schleich hutch the rabbits can run around freely in the caged enclosure with hinged sections to create an enclosed run. Though you can push the enclosure up against the hutch so the rabbits can go in and out of the hutch any time throughout the day.

The Schleich girl figure is there to oversea the well-being of her pet rabbits, using the generous amount of carrots, apples and feed in the big red bowl.

Bare in mind the bunnies can't be unattached from the bowl, as they're permanently stuck to it - though she can carry the bucket to collect fresh veg out of the garden.

At a later time more Schleich rabbits can be added to this busy playset, which should add extra fun and more friends for the bunnies.


  • Item No: 42339
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from plastic
  • Hand painted figures
  • Includes: rabbit hutch, rabbit, 3 baby rabbits, hinged run, girl, bucket, apples, carrot, food bowl
  • 4 Opening hinged doors
  • Enclosed run with 4 hinged sections
  • Partitioned off in middle of hutch
  • Baby rabbits attached to bowl
  • Schleich Farm World series
  • Dimensions: L3.2 x W9.5 x H7.4
  • Weight: 0.8lb

Manufacturer details

Schleich logo

Released in 2013, this is Schleich's first attempt at a toy rabbit hutch, which is compatible with their series of toy rabbits. A few years later they will re-release this Schleich rabbit hutch to be more child-friendly, with more color and brighter. For now, this hutch playset gives you all the functionality and accessories you can possibly need, without upgrading.

Guide to Schleich Rabbit Hutch with Rabbits

Classic toy rabbit hutch on four legs with opening doors, this is just a few features this playset has to offer as we guide you through all the functionality and what figures are available.

the Toy Rabbit Hutch

The main event and focus centers around this replica Schleich Rabbit Hutch, a simple house made to keep toy rabbits in the home, or likely out in the garden.

As it's standing on four long legs, this keeps the living area off the ground away from bad weather, with the roof providing plenty of cover and the mesh effect sections providing protection.

The compartment is divided into two, with both front doors open on a hinge kept shut using the lock on the handles. There's hinged fold-down doors on the side that open onto the ground.

Enclosed Run

The play is not limited to the hutch, the little girl can play with her rabbits out on the floor, roaming freely on the carpet. But what better to keep them confined where they can feed and play together in a roomy run, enclosed in mush in a frame.

There are three hinged sections well it can fully open up with a single section used to clip it shut. Take advantage of this feature by creating enclosures in all shapes and sizes.

Space is a bit tight to fit it all in there, so a couple of rabbits with the carrots or apples would be just enough for now.

Mother Rabbit

Did you know you can get hold of this exact to rabbit within the Schleich Farm Word series - only this time it comes within this Schleich hutch playset so no need to buy separately.

This is a sitting toy rabbit in light gray and white, with big pointing up ears, a classic feature of cute bunny rabbits.

She is the mother of the three baby rabbits so don't keep the family apart.

Baby Rabbits

Talking about the baby rabbits, as this playset as since been updated, this is due to this problem feature alone, the toy bunnies are attached to the big bowl.

This is a problem in that you can separate the bunnies to play free in the hutch or in the enclosure without space becoming an issues.

So for now their little imagination will go along way for this to not be a problem, but bare in mind you are free to add to this set with more Schleich bunnies and rabbits that are not attached to the bowl.

Schleich girl figure

The great feature about this playset compared to the now updated version is this Schleich (42339) comes with a girl figure well the newer (42420) version does not.

This little blonde girl is dressed in a flower dress with a bag, holding a bunch of carrots and stands on a wide base to keep her standing up, making it easy to position her where she's needed.

The Schleich girl figure will look after the rabbits in the home or out in the garden, she's responsible for cleaning out the hutch, setting up the enclosure and making sure they're well fed and are giving fresh water daily.

Fun Accessories

Take away the hutch, enclosure and the girl figure, that leaves you with: a bucket, apples, carrot, food bowl - though the bowl has the baby rabbits attached.

The apples and carrots - including the carrots the girl's holding - are supplied so the girl is able to feed the rabbits just as you would in real life.

Well this version doesn't have a water bottle, it does have a great big red bowl used for rabbit food or water, but again the bunnies are always attached to this bowl.

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