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Schleich 42334 Farm Barn with Animals
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Schleich Farm Barn, Cows
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Schleich 42334: Farm Barn with Animals

All you need to run a cattle farm is included with this set, take the corral pens for keeping the cow and calf - with doors, windows, hayloft and accessories.

Brand: Schleich

Product description

Smaller then normal Schleich Farm, this one is centered around cattle, therefore setup with corral pens, feed trough and accessories for looking after cows.

Confirmation comes from the Schleich cow and calf figure that comes with this set, looked after by the farmer; who has functional arms for grasping the wheelbarrow and holding onto the ladder.

You should know this particular toy barn farm is designed similar to the Schleich large farm house, so well this one is converted for keeping cattle, the farm house is made to house your Schleich family figures - with a pen for keeping farm animals.

But its still the interesting part with the functional corral pen that has a feed trough, door for exiting and a sliding corral to access the next pen over - where the double doors happen to be situated.

Talking of doors, this farm set includes three hinged green doors, the main double doors to access the barn, the hayloft doors above, and the single door around the corner.


  • Item No: 42334
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in close box
  • Made from plastic
  • Includes: barn, cow, calf, farmer, bucket, drinking cup, wheelbarrow, pitchfork, ladder, 2 haystacks, flower box, feed box
  • Opening doors
  • Hayloft access
  • Schleich Farm World series
  • Dimensions: L22.1 x W6.3 x H14.8
  • Weight: 10lb

Manufacturer details

Schleich logo

A couple of years old now, released in 2016, this Schleich Farm Barn was released with a new generation of barn playset's. However, what Schleich have done with this set is taking the best part from their 'Large Farm' playset's and excluded the rest. What you're left with is the area for keeping the cattle - and the hayloft space above with accessories.

Guide to Schleich Farm Barn

All you need to house your Schleich cows, bulls and cows, this set is all you need to keep cattle with all odd-cons included, as our guide will take you through the features.

the Farm Barn

Beautifully designed Schleich farm barn that looks just as a barn should do, with a bright red tiled effect roof, yellow wooden effect panels with half white rendered walls.

Turn the barn around and there's a area dedicated to unrestricted access to the corral areas on the ground floor and the hayloft space on the top level.

The whole thing is sited on a thick solid wall effect foundation, with corral flooring inside the pen and a unique loose hay space next to that one.

Centered Around Cattle

There Schleich farm set is a converted barn that is almost identical to there whole series, only this one includes the area to keep cattle in pens, with the hayloft above.

The much bigger playset's includes a walkway with additional pens opposite, only this time its excluded.

Focus is instead a on cattle farm, with corral pens the center of attention inside the barn, with the cow and calf confirming this barn set is indeed a barn to keep cows.

Corral Pen for Cow & Calf

The whole Schleich Farm accommodates a large corral pen for keeping the cow and calf that comes with the set.

Simple as it looks, it serves a bigger role for keeping cattle. To start with, the corral is designed at the front to act as a feed trough so they can pop there heads through and feed.

To the back is an access door where they are free to stay in the barn, or wonder outdoors to graze in the small pasture, with a fence surrounding the patch next to the farm barn. To the side is a sliding gate to access the next corral pen over - which is also where the outside doors are located.

Hayloft for Storage

As expected, a good Schleich Farm Barn should always come with a hayloft situated above the animal pens below.

Here you can access the first floor level by using the ladder that comes with the set, this can be positioned outside to enter through the double hayloft door, or place it anywhere indoors to climb up above.

There's lots of vital accessories that come with this set, so its important there's a designated area for storage, and this hayloft area should provide enough space for keeping all your farm accessories.

Opening Doors

Opening doors are an important function with all toy farm barn sets, they allow access to the barn itself, well gaining access to the hayloft from the outside.

On this set you have three hinged opening doors, the first is the main one, a big green set of double doors that allow access to the cattle pen.

Directly above this one is the hayloft double swing open door. Finally around the corner on the ground level is the access door for the cattle to move in and out of the pen to graze outdoors.

Bunch of Accessories

There's really no need to extend this barn set with more accessories, as there's all you need with the set, this includes; a bucket, drinking cup, wheelbarrow, pitchfork, ladder, haystacks, and feed box.

Many of these accessories represent food, with the haystacks used to feed the cow and calf, well the bucket and drinking cup is used for water.

All these farm accessories are carried around the farm barn by the Schleich farmer figure, where he can grasp the wheelbarrow or hold onto the pitchfork and ladder to climb.

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