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Schleich 42333 Large Farm with Animals
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Large Farm

Schleich 42333: Large Farm with Animals & Accessories

We're not kidding when we say this is a complete playset, little else is needed as you're ready for play out of the box; with animals, farmer and accessories included.

Brand: Schleich

Product description

Larger than life Schleich Farm with dozen of features, from the animal pens to the hayloft above, the functional winch to the opening doors, there's plenty of action to be had here.

Classic shape barn, this Schleich Large Farm means just that, so big in fact it would be wise to make sure you have enough play area in the bedroom or downstairs to setup this giant farm set.

Before we carry one, you should know this is near duplicate of the Schleich (72102) Large Farm, only it has been re-purposed with more color and a brighter tone - not that this on is unattractive - but if you require this same farm set in red, go for the Schleich Large Farm instead.

Anyhow, this farm set is equipped to accommodate all types of farm animals from large to small corral pens - from the cow, calf and pig that comes with the set. Additional animals are welcome; from a horse, goat to even chickens.

The farm is guided by the Schleich farmer, he has working wheelbarrow for pushing small items around, though the large bales will require help from the functional winch.

Its this winch that will grab there attention; not only does it go up and down, buy the whole thing can be push around inside the farm to drop off the heavy loads where needed. The railing system starts from one hayloft to the one opposite.

There are many animal pens with lots of accessories, each one serving a purpose keeping animals under lock and key, to different types of feed required for each animal.


  • Item No: 42333
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in closed box with handle
  • Made from plastic
  • Assembly required
  • Functional winch with railing system
  • Lots of opening doors
  • 4 Animal pens
  • Includes: barn, cow, calf, pig, cattle brush, figure, wheelbarrow, 5 fence panels, 6 corral panels, and more...
  • Schleich Farm World series
  • Dimensions: L5.5 x W22.4 x H15
  • Weight: 11.02lb

Manufacturer details

Schleich logo

This Schleich is one of two focal points for all your Farm World action, released 2016 and parts of the revitalize series, this Schleich Large Farm along with others should be at the center of all farm play now and the distant future. To make sure it lasts, Schleich have included incredible functionality as well as fun features to make sure this playset grows with them.

Guide to Schleich Large Farm

It would be hard to explain what this toy farm has to offer, so we've created a handy guide for you to learn how to use the farm features, including how it works and why.

The Large Farm

This is a farm playset that needs assembly, but once you have you'll end up with two buildings in one, one half is the hayloft with pens beneath it, well the other is the walkway with smaller animal pens.

Use them separately but you'll want to push them together to create this Schleich Large Farm, and when we say large, we mean really big, so make sure there's enough floor space to setup.

The shape of the barn makes sure you make the most of the area play provided inside the barn, with a long rectangle shape, and an extension to add extra animal pen space and the hayloft above.

Direction of the barn shapes is noticeable in the angled roof that slopes in all angles, with a bright red tile effect - bonus; the roof section can be removed to make easier access to the interior.

Family of Farm Animals

The farm playset comes with Schleich farm animals out of the box, so your ready for farm play right away, included are; a cow, calf and pig.

The cow and calf are Simmental cattle, are in standing up positions and looking straight ahead. In this pose they can be used to stand anywhere you need them - from in the pens to outside grazing.

The pig that comes with this set - a female so therefore a sow - doesn't cohabitant with the cattle so she need a pen of her own, and this Schleich Large Farm provides plenty of them.

This is a family of farm animals and they are free to keep the cow, calf and pig together, but make room as more farm animals just may be needed later.

Farmer and his toys

Running the farm won't be the same without a Schleich Figure taking charge, and this comes in the form of the male farmer with functional limbs.

The farmer is responsible for looking after the animals, thereby the child will learn in the process about what animals eat what, how they live, there behavior and what it takes to run the large farm.

As the farmer has functional arm limbs, they can be positioned to grasp the ladder to climb up to the hayloft. But he'll spend most of the day holding onto the wheelbarrow pushing things around.

He may also need to carry the wooden 'effect' crate and milk churn. Just make sure he spends time feeding the animals and making sure they have enough water.

Pens & Enclosures

The original release of this exact model was targeted for keeping cattle only, and in a way it still is with the metal 'effect' corral pens.

But you only need imagination to turn this into a large toy farm where all animals are welcome. So reserve the largest pen for as many cows as you like, then use the smaller pens for the calf and pig - but will also suite goats, chickens and sheep later on.

Next to the large pen there an additional one that also provides direct access to the doors, so as its large enough you could keep a Schleich horse.

On the two small pens across the other side of the barn, each one has a door to the outside, as they are short, make sure the farm animals using it are also small.

There are five fence panels to setup directly outside the door where the larger cattle pen is situated.

Sliding/Swinging doors

The first thing you'll notice is the big sliding door on a railing system, this is the designated front door, therefore the area where the animals and farm come and go.

You'll also notice this farm set is riddled with bright green, swing action opening doors on a hinge. Well three doors are single, the other three are double doors - with every one clipping shut.

The doors fixed to the barn on the left side, leads to the loose hay floor barn interior, and directly above this is the double set of wide hayloft access door with a working winch standing out.

Likewise, this is replicated on the far right with a set of smaller single doors that lead to a set of animal pens. And finally there's a single door that allows access from and to the cattle pen.

Winch up, down & around

The winch system in the Schleich farm is so unique, you won't get much joy from this one than any other barn toy winch - as it goes up and down as standard - and get, this moves around inside the farm.

Its set up in such a way that you clip an item onto the winch, use the lever to winch it up then lock, then push the winch attached to the railing system through the hayloft opening to the interior.

The railing system comes to a turn which you can still follow, before running long way through the farm until it reaches the identical winch setup on the other side.

They're not likely to just winch hay from one side to the next, the point of this railing system is so the can move around heavy loads to store in the hayloft above - dropping it down anywhere - or winching it to a place needed within the animal pen or floor space.

Hayloft level

Talking about the hayloft, this area it situated on the first floor and is the next level up on this two-story farm set - and its here where you can keep hay bales and farm accessories for safe keeping.

The hayloft room above does not cover the entire space, instead the storage area is confined to the side walls, therefore the child can access the area below with little to no restricts.

Made to look like wood, the flooring allows enough room to keep things well the farmer can climb up to the area using his ladder, and walk around. Though the space underneath is not wasted as this is where the animal pens are located.

This hayloft can be access with the roof on but is highly restricted towards the back, so make sure the roof panel is removed to make the most of the exciting play area.


Schleich expect you to get up and running right out of the box, and so you can with this farm set - apart from the animals and farmer - there lots of farm accessories to get stuck into, but all serve a purpose.

Things that relate to the Schleich farmer is his all important wheelbarrow to push, in this wheelbarrow he can move around the pitch fork, milk churn, crate and bucket.

But the farm animals need feeding, so they need a good helping of food; so there's potatoes, lettuce and the piles of hay.

Finally, things that relate to the farm set itself are the flower planters that fix to the window sills, water trough, a ladder for climbing, corral fencing and roped fence sections.

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