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Schleich 41429: Feed Silo with Animals

Schleich silo packed with activities, from the functional silo for emptying pellets to the value the cow and dog offers, along with the trough and wheelbarrow.

Brand: Schleich

Product description

If they own Schleich farm animals then they are going to need a way to feed them, and this Schleich Feed Silo should will do just that, holding tons of cattle feed.

Out of the box the silo will need a little assembly - preferably by an adult but they should work it out themselves - and once the legs, ladder and base is connected, it's time to fill up the wheelbarrow positioned underneath to feed the cows and sheep.

The base is made in such as way they can't pass right through, especially with the Schleich tractor and tractor. So reverse backwards to release the pellets into the tractor.

When used with the wheelbarrow, use the extended spout that helps them spill the pellets into the wheelbarrow with more accuracy - without it they will go everything. When not in use though, always keep the pellets stored inside the feed silo.

This set comes with a beautifully crafted Schleich cow and dog (with bone) a trough used to feed the cow or store water. Then there's the Schleich female figure who will run the whole operation centered around this real working Schleich feed silo.


  • Item No: 41429
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in closed decorated box
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Includes: silo tank, trough, figure, wheelbarrow, cow, dog, bone
  • Assembly required
  • Functional silo for emptying pallets
  • Poseable figure
  • Schleich Farm World series
  • Dimensions: L7.48 x W7.68 x H15.55
  • Weight: 2lb

Manufacturer details

Schleich logo

Available since 2016, this is Schleich's idea of how a feed silo should look in their world, and what a fun silo it is too. Designed to be used with the entire Farm World series, you'll even get the tractor underneath this tall structure. Schleich intention with this silo playset is to be used with additional accessories, but should be used with the Schleich barn.

Guide to Schleich Feed Silo

After little assembly that is required, you'll have a functional Schleich silo with accessories to add to the fun, with top features highlighted below.

The Schleich Silo

Classically designed toy silo, and what it should look like in Schleich's vision, and once assembled it will look the part gracing the carpet, standing tall above the farm playset.

Just clip on the legs and line them up with the corresponding slots on the base. Pop on the ladder system that allows the Schleich figure to gain access to the interior of the silo tank.

Here in the tank is where they fill it up with the pellets, it's then emptied using the lever underneath, designed to pour out the contents into the wheelbarrow or an awaiting Schleich tractor trailer.

2 Animals

The trend with each Schleich playset release now is to include up to two Schleich animals, in this case you have an hand painted cow and the dog, which is her much loved pet helping out around the farm.

This Schleich Feed Silo playset is really about using the silo to feed the cattle, so it makes sense to include at least one Schleich toy cow in the set.

It would make sense to add to this set with more Schleich cows, but for now this one is enough. The Schleich toy dog is a welcome sight, and this Golden Retriever will help her out around the farm and stay friends with the cow - keep her happy with the tiny dog bone included.

Schleich female figure

Its all well and good playing with this feed silo playset, but they can't make the most of play without the helping hand of the Schleich farmer, with this female farmer leading the operation.

This is a functional figure with moving limbs, as the arms spin around and the fist can grasp, so she can hold onto the wheelbarrow for moving the feed from and to the silo - one load at a time.

As well at her duties looking after the cow and dog, she can keep the silo filled up by taking the scary climb up the ladder to the very top, where an entrance for filling the silo is accessible.

Pellets add to the fun

Schleich have supplied a big hefty bag of thousands of tiny plastic pellets, used to replicate cattle feed or crops such as potato's or even grain.

Over time you'll realize there's a good reason why Schleich supplied so many pellets, that's because gradually the pellets with disappear under furniture and get sweep up, or end up in the vacuum.

They are so small it's hard to avoid as they roll away from the center of play. In the mean time always keep them stored in the feed silo tank and keep and eye on the measurements seen on the silo so you know then its time to re-stock.

Fill up the wheelbarrow or trough

The feed silo is full and farm play can commence, but where do you pour the pellets to get the most out of this playset - the wheelbarrow is where you empty the pellets and so is the cattle feed trough.

This feed trough is a simple device, but this is where the cows or sheep can feed from, inside the barn or out in the field grazing.

The wheelbarrow is designed to be used with the figure included, but will work with all Schleich figures; likewise, the feed trough is compatible with all Schleich farm animals.

Stand-alone or complimentary

There's a decision to be made with this playset, will it be used as a stand-alone item where play is centered around this Schleich feed silo with animals only, or will it compliment another playset in the Farm World series to extend play.

Owning a farm with lots of cows (or sheep) usually requires a silo so you can feed them all year round with fresh feed, directly from the silo.

It will be a fine playset on its own, but consider using this Schleich silo with the barn set, positioned next to the building so the farmer has access to an unlimited supply of feed for his/her cattle.

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