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Playmobil (6964) Tractor with Trailer
Playmobil Tractor,
Playmobil Tractor, trailer
Playmobil Tractor, frontview
Playmobil Tractor, boxed
Tractor trailer

Playmobil 6964: Tractor with Trailer

An open top tractor will allow easy insertion of driving figure on the seat well controlling the front loader with bucket and towing the tipping up action trailer.

Brand: Playmobil

Product description

All you need to complete the farm set with animals in the 1.2.3 range, this Playmobil tractor with trailer will serve you well, offering a way to runaround the farm doing the heavy lifting and field work.

Functionality of the chunky red and yellow tractor comes in the simple free-rolling wheels, with a working front loader that has a tipping bucket attachment.

Towed behind is a bright blue tipping action trailer on a single set of wheels and dolly that helps keep the trailer upright when detached from the tractor.

And its up to them if they wish to use the trailer with the tractor or not. And as the rear hitch is easy to use, its a simple case of lifting up/down to remove or attach the trailer.

An open cab tractor will allow easy access to the driver's seat, and here the figure can be posed in a sitting position, then secured to the seat to drive behind the wheel.

Finally, there's a green square bale for lifting up in the front loader and towing in the trailer.


  • Item No: 6964
  • Age: 18 months and up
  • Presented in clear window packaging
  • Made from solid plastic
  • Includes: tractor, trailer, figure, green bale
  • Functional loader with bucket
  • Tipping up trailer
  • Playmobil 1.2.3. range
  • Dimensions: L11.4 x W8 x H3 inches
  • Weight: 1lb

Manufacturer details


Since 2015, this release Playmobil tractor serves to be used in a series of agriculture vehicles in the 1.2.3 range, so is suitable for toddlers age 18 months and up. As a standalone model is has lots of value, but would be much welcomed to a Playmobil 1.2.3 farm set as an add-on. Playmobil offer nice set's, but what's usually missing is a functional tractor.

Guide to Playmobil Tractor with Trailer

More to this multi-functional tractor than meets the eye, as our guide takes you though just what the tractor, trailer and front loader has to offer you.

Tractor with Loader

Thanks to its open top design, this serves to help toddlers place the farm figure in the driving seat without obstructions getting in the way.

It runs on chunky free-rolling wheels on the tractor and trailer with a rear hitch that is designed not only to pop the trailer on with ease, but to make sure to it stays on during play.

No assembly is required so therefore its a more robust design, with a working front loader offering an up and down movement, well the bucket attachment can tip up well carrying the green bale.


Completing the tractor is this durable trailer/wagon that is just as tough as the tractor with again, free rolling wheels and a sort of wheeled jack for times when the trailer is detached.

As a detachable trailer, this means the young farmer can drive the tractor with or without the trailer in tow, but you can bet your bottom dollar they will always be towing the trailer.

The trailer can carry anything from the bale to additional accessories within the series, then it can be offloaded by pulling it up to tip out the contents.


No Playmobil farm figure is ever the same, and that's still true for this figure. So when its time to upgrade on the tractor with trailer set, know that any more figures brought in will not be identical.

This young farmer's job is to take care of the farm animals and drive the tractor. And he can do just that by positioning him in the driver's seat behind the steering wheel.

His legs will need to be posed in a sitting position, with his arm out stretch as if he's holding the steering wheel.

Green bale

Not clearly visible but if you look at the bucket on the front loader from the images we've supplied above, you'll notice a square green bale protruding from the top.

And that's the purpose of this bale, to be lifted up in the bucket of the front loader then dropped off in the trailer to be transported.

Trust us when we say this humble square bale will play a big part in the Playmobil tractor and trailer set, well offering play value that extends beyond this set.

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