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Playmobil 6750: 1.2.3 Large Farm

Playmobil focus on an 18 month and up large farm set that has everything needed to get started, from the farm itself - to figures, animals and accessories.

Brand: Playmobil

Product description

The term used 'large farm' in this Playmobil set doesn't relate to the size of the playset, but rather refers to the number of accessories included.

And that's a whopping 27 accessories included with this set - excluding the farm itself. As an open farm set it is perfectly suited for 18 months and up, allowing them unrestricted access inside.

Focus on the winch will be paramount and used around the clock. Its a functional winch meaning it goes up and down to the hayloft window with a simple tug of the loop attached to the rope.

There's a big set of double doors that open on a hinge, and so do all the windows.

The ground allows for the accessories to be clipped into any position, so they can setup home using the five-piece furniture set anywhere they desire; upstairs, downstairs or not on the set at all.

This Playmobil Large Farm comes in the 1.2.3 series, therefore made for toddlers in mind, though the three farm figures will help run things when they're away.

Three farm animals in the cow, pig and sheep should keep things moving, well the horse pulls the carts, the cat goes where she likes and the dog has a kennel to sleep in at night.


  • Item No: 6750
  • Age: 1½ years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from hard plastic
  • 28 items: farm, garden/base, 3 figures, 6 animals, furniture, winch and more
  • Pull-up functional winch
  • Playmobil 1.2.3 series
  • Dimensions: L19.7 x W5.9 x H15.8 inches
  • Weight: 4.8lb

Manufacturer details

Playmobil logo

Its hard to believe this Playmobil (6750) Large Farm playset has been available in the 1.2.3 series for nearly 10 years. That's right this one has been available since 2009 and going strong more than ever. As its lasted this long in the collection without any alterations or changes to the original release, this set is a good bet when it comes to a quality, reliable playset.

Guide to Playmobil Large Farm

Let's explain in more detail what this Playmobil farm has to offer the toddler, from the farm set itself to the interesting accessories and functional parts.

The Large Farm

Lay the base down to clip together the front of the farm and the top level floor, then you are pretty much up and running right away.

Make sure to setup the steps so the farm figures can walk upstairs, well the five-piece furniture needs to be positioned to make it homely.

The front of the farm is closed, well behind its completely open with unrestricted access - though underneath can be a little restricted - but still providing plenty of height to put there hands under.

Pull-up Winch

This Playmobil works a little different to common toy barn winches; this one has a unique pull-ring on the right side which when pulled the winch can be pulled up to the hayloft window.

Simply clip on the yellow bar to the yellow base to create a device that can hook onto the winch itself, then hook on the base/bar to lift it to the large wide window above.

The winch is on string that is treaded through the frame of the roof, all they need to do is pull to lift up the winch, and slowly release to lower it back down.

Farm Figures

What sort of farm playset would this be without a bunch of farm figures to run things, well Playmobil have you covered here with three farm figures.

The set includes a male and female figure (presumably mother and father) and a little girl; they all are compatible with the furniture, horse and cart.

They are all poseable figures, meaning the lower half - from the waist down - can bend, this it useful when they sit down on the cart, ride the horse or relax in the farm.


A bit of taking care of farm animals and looking after the pets at home are need with this set; Playmobil have included a total of six figures including a cow, pig, sheep and horse - plus cat and dog.

As a farm set the attention will turn to the three farm animals roaming around the farm set well being kept in pens and fed using the trough - the horse will spend time pulling the cart.

Then focus will turn to the cat and dog relaxing with the owners at home, or they can play in the farm making friends with the cow, pig and sheep.


Excluding the playset, there are a total of 27 accessories included with this set, hence the name Large Farm - each accessory serves a purpose with some being used more than others.

Take the five pieces of furniture, these can be positioned inside the farm (upstairs or down) or outside in the garden section.

Well the sacks, barrels, fence section, trough and hay bales all are involved with the farming side of things. The kennel is used for the dog and the cart for the horse.

18 Months and Up

Recommended from 18 months and up, we must say supervision will be needed with this set if they like to chew on things, as the large farm set does have small parts they can potentially choke on.

The risk is on the cat and dog, so removing these items and the set becomes much safer. But with all Playmobil toys, the rest of the accessories are made for all ages.

As usual the farm and accessories are rounded off and smooth, making it comfortable on there little hands - a few items need to be snapped together only once, so do that before handing it over.

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  • Weight: 4.8lb
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