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Playmobil 6130 Tractor with Trailer
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Playmobil Tractor, parts
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Playmobil 6130: Tractor with Trailer

If its a tractor for your Playmobil farm you need then this is the one for you, the tractor has functional front loader with bucket, with a foldable tipping trailer.

Brand: Playmobil

Product description

Multi-functional tractor offers free rolling wheels with no restrictions, a working front loader with bucket attachment, a tipping up action trailer with 4 foldable panels for loading and offloading.

Well in transport the driver needs to raise the front loader as high up as it goes so he can see where he's going as he drive along, but the loader needs lowering to pick up hay bales.

He can stay in this mode but ideally he'd want to drop off the 2 rounded hay bales into the trailer towed behind. He can't use the front loader well towing, so detach the trailer then reattach again.

You could just drop the bales in the trailer, but it would be much easier if you were to fold down one or all three side panels of the trailer before folding them back up - securing them with the locks.

Back at the farm the trailer can be tipped up allowing the bales to role out from the rear, with the back panel folded down.

The tractor set comes with a farm figure with poseable limbs, so this can only mean it can be put in a sitting position before inserting him into the driver cabin to take control.


  • Item No: 6130
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from solid plastic
  • Includes: tractor, trailer, figure 2 hay bales
  • Functional front loader with pivoting bucket
  • Foldable trailer panels
  • Playmobil Country range
  • Dimensions: L13.7 x W5.5 x H9.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.68lb

Manufacturer details

Playmobil logo

Available since 2015, this is one of several realistic Playmobil toy tractors release that are similar to recognizable tractors we see in every day life. In case of this Playmobil tractor and trailer, as its finished in green it could be a Deutz tractor. But its not a standalone model as its important to make the most of a set by including a trailer, figure and bales.

Guide to Playmobil Tractor with Trailer

Well there is assemble required, allow us to guide you through its top features and functionality, well focusing on the tractor, front loader and trailer.

Green tractor

Bright green tractor that assembles a real life Deutz tractor, so not only do you have a tractor that replicates a real tractor, but one that is chunky with playful look and feel.

Early on you will need to assemble this tractor out of the box, with the cab roof, front loader and wheels requiring fixing to the body - along with stickers/decal to add to the correct spots.

When done, you'll have yourself a functional tractor with free rolling wheels, front loader and a hitch for towing the red trailer. The cab roof can also be lifted up like a lid, allowing them to pop the driver behind the wheel.

Red foldable trailer

Well it balances on a twin-axle with four wheels, this is a tipping up trailer to allow the contents to be emptied into a pile via the rear fold down panel.

You'll need to release the panel by unclipping the lock, then manually tipping the trailer before pushing back down to tow behind the tractor via the easy to use tow bar.

You will need to assemble the trailer by popping on the wheels, then the trailer frame to the chassis, then securing all three foldable panels on theleft and right side, as well has the rear panel.

Blonde figure

Its not often we see a blonde character taking charge of a Playmobil tractor, but here he is all dressed and ready for a days work on the farm.

He serves a vital role by sitting behind the wheel of the tractor in the cab well driving the it around the farm - at the same time controlling the front loader - and getting out to unhook the panels on the trailer.

If he was a static figure it would be impossible, but in this case he has functional limbs in the legs and arms, meaning he can be placed in a sitting position so it looks as if he's really driving the tractor.

2 Round hay bales

So you have your tractor and trailer with the figure behind the wheel, and now you need something to do around the farm, or it will all become a little boring in due course.

Then look to the set of 2 rounded hay bales in yellow, they both need assembling with 3 sections making up the bale.

They can now move the bales off the field using the bucket attachment on the loader, then pile them onto the trailer to be transported away.

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  • Age: 4 Years
  • L13.7 x W5.5 x H9.8 in
  • Weight: 1.68lb
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