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Playmobil 6120 Large Farm
Playmobil 6120, Background
Playmobil 6120, Right Side
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Playmobil 6120: Country Large Farm

Double-sided Playmobil Large Farm has it all, a living area for the farm family and a shed for the farm animals, includes hayloft with winch and opening doors.

Brand: Playmobil

Product description

Remarkable as this set may be, please forgive us if we forget to mentioned a few important points this playset has to offer; its so big its easily done, but will sure talk about the best it has to offer them.

Starting with the farm playset itself, this is a double-sided building so play is centered all around it, from the front with the opening doors, to the back with unrestricted access.

The set is divided down the middle with a farm and adjoining farmhouse. Well the farm side is setup to accommodate farm animals, the farmhouse side is equipped for the farm people to live.

Setup like any home, there's and upstairs for the bedroom and downstairs for the living room, with furniture pieces for setting the scene.

Likewise, the farm has a animal pen located below the hayloft for keeping the cows, pigs or chickens locked away, but be sure to use the dozen or so fence panels to create a ton of secure animal pens.

The Playmobil Large Farm isn't without its functionality, apart from opening doors, there's a working winch with grasping clip; pull the toggle to bring up heavy loads to the hayloft space on the top floor.

The hayloft area is ideal for storing hay bales and feed for the animals.

Talking about farm animals, did we mention this set includes up to twenty-four of them, including cows, pigs, chickens and even cats to be used as pets.

There's a huge 257 accessories in this playset, and most of them are used to look after the animals, but interestingly there's also animal feed and vegetables, furniture, a plant, big tree and so much more.


  • Item No: 6120
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from hard plastic
  • 257 pieces in total
  • Working winch, opening doors
  • Includes complete farm, figures, animals, veg, furniture and more...
  • Playmobil Country range
  • Dimensions: L15.3 x W11 x 22.8 inches
  • Weight: 5.16lb

Manufacturer details

Playmobil logo

Available since 2015, this Playmobil Farm was released to extend the 'Country' series, so now there is more choice in playset's to be used with corresponding accessories; tractors, animals and figures. As this set is so big, additional accessories won't be needed - though perhaps only a tractor. Suitable for 4 years and up, so will match toys in this age group.

Guide to this item

Farm playset so large we figured you'll need a guide to get your head around it all, so we've highlighted the top features the set has to offer the budding farmer.

Large Farm

This farm is a double-sided playset, meaning play can happen from the front of the farm, and if you turn it around, access to the interior is easily accessible.

If we are talking about the farm side on the right (if viewed from the front) then this is where they will go about there daily farm duties; from feed the farm animals, raking and cleaning up.

On the ground floor is an area designated for a mix of farm animals, so pens can be created for cows, horses, pigs or chickens - or all of the above.

Beautifully crafted farm set with rendered walls and wooden cladding, a bright red tiled roof and green wooden 'effect' hinged opening doors and window frames scattered around the set.

Adjoining Farmhouse

Focus again on the front of the farm and the left side is the farmhouse, where the Playmobil farm family put there head down for the night after a hard days work.

This farmhouse is attached to the farm on the right, but is surrogated, meaning you can't go back and forth to the farm from the inside; you have to go out to go into the farm.

Once the farm is refurbished with the furniture that comes with the set, you'll left with a comfortable area for the figures to live, with a few built-in shelves, radiator and picture frames.

Access can be gained using the hinged door, but once inside getting up to the bedroom happens using the handy stair case with railing - there's also a door that leads to the balcony.

Animal Shed

We're now left with the area below the hayloft, and this is the space reserved for keeping all your farm animals; either directly below with cover, or extending outwards in lots of animal pens.

There is a partition positioned down the middle with a useful working gate for cattle to be kept in either side of the divide - baring in mind the interior side will become the animal shed.

Well still maintaining cover underneath the hayloft, either farm animals can be kept here, though they will need to build up animal pens as the area is not big enough for them all.

Play is not limited to the access points on this farm play set like the gate in the partition, in fact pens can be created on the inside, outside or even around the side (refer to the product picture for ideas).

Hayloft with Winch

Officially, Playmobil refer to the winch has a "freight elevator" but seriously, this is just a simple winch for moving heavy loads up and down, in and out of the hayloft on the top level.

This is not all in the imagination either, and as it will be in the top three of the most played with features, they've made sure this is a working winch on tough rope.

Ideally they will use it to pull up bales of hay and similar items, but all they need to do is use it like an hair clip with a spring-back action grasp, so it clamps onto any object with ease.

Awkwardly, the winch works by simply pulling on the toggle located within the hayloft, so they will need to pull it out of the hayloft door to tug on it, or move there hands around the back to pull from the inside.

Three Farm Family Members

Farm play is limited without farm figures running the show, so Playmobil have turned the farm into a family business with mom, dad and daughter helping out.

Good farm sets usually include atleast one figurehead, but here you have three people to scatter around to look after the animals, keep the house tidy to working the fields.

Approximately 2 inches tall, they are all molding to the typical Playmobil figure shape, with functional limbs in the waist and arms.

That means they can sit where it makes sense, but the arms with grasping hands make more sense as they can now hold onto the pitch fork, push the wheelbarrow, open doors and tend to the animals.

24 Farm Animals

A whopping 24 farm animals are included with this set, with most of the animals traditionally found on the farm, well the rest are pets found in the home.

The farm animals that make up this playset includes a toy cow family of four with a brown and white cow and calf, and a black and white cow and calf.

The pig family includes one sow and three piglets, with the toy chickens including a hen and rooster, and six little yellow chicks - there's also two ducks who hang out around the pond.

And that takes us to the animals found in the home, so the set has included two cats and a kitten to be used as pets, so they can sleep in the farmhouse or run around the farm.

Furbish with Furniture

Twelve or so pieces in this playset are made up of furniture for furbishing the farmhouse; with table and chairs for the dining room, and a bed for the bedroom upstairs - including a bath.

Upstairs there's just about enough room for the double bed with room for the figures to still walk around, including accessing to the balcony through the door.

Downstairs the table and chairs can be setup in the center, or over to the side to keep an area for the figures to stand and chat - there's also a few extras like a clock and lampshade.

So well you're limited to the small interior space, don't forget you can extend the play outwards behind the farm set to give themselves more area to play with on the carpet.

Farm Accessories

That take's us to the accessories that relate to farming only. This includes a handful of items for use with the figures, to toy farm accessories set aside for use with the farm animals.

Take the pitch fork, spade, rake, wheelbarrow and water can; they can be held by the figures to feed the animals to watering the flowers.

Equipment related to the farm animals are the water trough, feed trough, yellow hay bales, green silage bales and straw heaps for bedding - all of which help you take care of the animals.

The rest of the accessories are largely made up of a tree, plant, a bunch of carrots and apples. Use these to cook up a meal for the family or use as feed for the animals.

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