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Playmobil 5121 Tractor with Loader
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Playmobil Tractor, set
Playmobil Tractor, front loader
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Playmobil 5121: Tractor with Loader & Trailer

Set out on the farm using this Playmobil tractor with loader set, with a tipping up action trailer with 3 hinged panels, a farm figure and 2 round hay bales.

Brand: Playmobil

Product description

Not much you can't do with this tractor, as it has it all including free rolling wheels with rubberized tires, a rear hitch for towing the tipping up trailer and a functional front loader.

The front loader as an up and down movement with two attachments in a fork and hay grabber. Well the fork serves to lift pallets (and bales), the hay grabber does just that - grabs at the bales to pick up.

Towing behind is a multi-use tipping trailer for offloading, with three fold-down panels to help when loading up. They are then secured in place using clips which acts as a lock.

Keep the driver's cab roof in place or remove it to pop in the figure in a sitting position to drive the tractor.

The set comes with big rounded hay bales that are used for transporting in the trailer, or lift them off the field with the fork and hay grabber attachment on the loader.


  • Item No: 5121
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from solid plastic
  • Includes: tractor, trailer, front loader, figure, tools, 2 round hay bales
  • Functional front loader with fork/grabber attachment
  • Tipping trailer with three hinged side panels
  • Playmobil Country range
  • Dimensions: L15.8 x W5.9 x H11.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.43lb
  • Instruction manual

Manufacturer details

Playmobil logo

Wow, available from Playmobil since 2011, this tractor set release is as close to a replica, real-life tractor you'll ever get in the series - with a Claas tractor coming to mind. And this was probably their thinking by releasing a model kids can relate to. Its designed to be realistic, yet with a playful, chunky look and feel, and is compatible with the 'City' collection.

Guide to Playmobil Tractor with Loader & Trailer

Assembly is required of this tractor set with lots of pieces to get your head around, and with an instruction manual included it shouldn't be a problem, but our guide below is sure worth a read.

Green tractor

If you're familiar with modern day tractors, then you'll know this ones is almost identical to those belonging to Claas - thanks to its bright green paint work and red rims.

And its this coloring that is sure to attract the most harden tractor enthusiast, because not only is a multi-functional tractor and trailer set - but the combination of colors are sure to impress.

Overall, you're left with a tractor with free rolling wheels with rubberized tread tires, and driver's cab where the figure sit's behind the steering wheel, a rear hitch for the trailer, front loader and lots of detail.

Front Loader with Grabber/Fork

When assembling this tractor set you'll need to fix the front loader to the tractor before use, which comes in useful later as you understand how it works.

This is important because you'll know then how to assemble it then fix either one of the hay grabber or fork attachments onto the front loader.

The simple fork attachment is used for picking up pallets, well the hay grabber is just that, used to grab bales and lift them off the ground and onto the trailer - though the fork can also do this.

Tipping trailer

Sitting on four free rolling wheels with a wheeled jack to keep it upright when not in use. It is easily attached to the hitch of the tractor using the simple hook tow bar of this trailer.

You'll need to assemble the trailer before use, but its only the wheels that need fixing, the tipping flat bed will attach to the hinge slots so its tips up, then three side-panels are fixed.

What you're left with is a tipping up action trailer for emptying contents or towing the bales. The three panels can all be folded down with clips to lock the panels in place when in transport mode.

Playmobil figure

One thing you'll notice with these Playmobil tractors is each one comes with a figure, but this is not any figure and in fact, he's here to sit behind the wheel and drive the tractor.

He has functional limbs that allow him to be posed in a sitting position, so he can sit on the driver's seat and steer the tractor.

He's wearing bright and colorful clothing with a removable hat. When he's not driving the tractor he'll take care of the farm and repair the tractor.

Hay Bales

You'd think a simple rounded bale would require zero assemble time, but not in the case of Playmobil as the two rounded bales both need assemble.

As expected its fairly easy and only comes in two parts. So clip both parts together for each hay bales and you're done.

Now that the rounded bales are ready, they can now be lifted up and transported on the front loader, but they're going to want to load them onto the trailer for towing behind the tractor.


Not a lot of attention goes into these six tools as they are so tiny, but you'll be surprised just how much value they have in play.

During play they can be stored away in the driver's cab, but back in the tractor shed they will want to fix them to the grasping hands of the figure to repair or maintain the tractor.

As this is a self-assemble tractor set, parts can be removed and put back in place again, so they can act as if they're repairing the parts by actually removing them - something other brands don't allow.

How to Assemble the Playmobil tractor with loader set

Before they head out of the machinery shed in the tractor, it will first need assembly. And this includes both the trailer and front loader with attachments - and all the little exterior detail.

The tractor body is complete, so its only a matter of clipping on the bits and pieces, this includes clipping on the wheel guards, cab roof, wheel bars, tires and rims.

To make it easy on yourself, start with the tractor to use the important pieces out of the set; front clip, 2 mud guards, cab roof with imitation light.

Now with all eight wheels with rims (4 for the tractor, 4 for the trailer) slot the bright red rims into the holes of the rubberized tires and clip them onto the corresponding wheel bars.

The front loader can now be added to the tractor by lining up the fixing to the side of the bonnet. You can then clip both parts of the hay grabber/fork attachments together, then slot either on to the loader.

Finally, the rear hitch needs a little assembly by adding the red to the gray piece, before slotting it in.

And that leaves you to assemble the trailer...

Tip the trailer upside down and slot in the four wheel bars that hold the wheels in place into the correct section. Once securely fastened, slot in all four wheels making sure they are allowed to rotate freely.

Pop the trailer the right way up on the wheels making sure they're securely fitted.

Then fix the wheeled jack and the piece that slots into the center of the trailer chassis, which goes towards assisting with the tipping up action.

Now slot the whole trailer flat bed into the hinged slots on the end, as it folds back down well resting on the chassis. Then its only a matter of fixing all three panels to the sides with the secure fastener clips.

Finally, clip the yellow round hey bales to create two bales and then pop the hat on the figure - all done.

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