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Playmobil 4897: Take Along Farm

Small, compact Take Along Farm has a carry handle for when its all closed up, then remove the three figures, animals and accessories for farm role play.

Brand: Playmobil

Product description

Playmobil targeting the low price range on this one, but as you'll see they still offer you a quality farm set that meets all expectations.

The Playmobil 'Take Along Farm' has a carry handle for easy transportation, well all the accessories can be locked away in the playset for storage.

When its play time the back panel folds-out and extends the farm outwards, creating an extension that also acts as the base.

There's an area for use as a cow shed with a pull-out fence and opening gate with five fence panels you can use to create an animal pen to keep goats.

This decorated farm set has printed on windows with cladding, timber frames and flowers, with a functional opening double door set with knobs on for easy opening and closing.

Heading up the farm is a set of three family members, well these Playmobil figures will run the show, responsibilities include looking after the cows, goats and the family cat.

Topping off the set are hay bales, straw, pitch fork, rake and broom, buckets, troughs, jug - plus carrots and apples for feeding the animals or people.


  • Item No: 4897
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in
  • Made from plastic
  • Includes: farm set, cows, goats, cat, fences, pen, figures and more...
  • Up to 34 pieces in total
  • Carry handle
  • Fold-away back panel
  • Playmobil Country range
  • Dimensions: L17.1 x W4.7 x H12.8
  • Weight: 2.87lb

Manufacturer details

Playmobil logo

Released in 2016 into the Playmobil 'Country' collection, this one was released to cater to those on a smaller budget. But in keeping with the Playmobil brand, they haven't come up short in quality and design, as all expected features are included. Again, they haven't come up short with the accessories either, as there's enough here for no extras required.

Guide to Playmobil Take Along Farm

Simple yet effective take along farm set that has it all, only in smaller numbers but still enough to setup a busy little farm, as we guide you through the features.

Take Along Farm

Branded as a take along farm means just that, thanks to the useful carry handle the playset can be transported around the home and outside, or wherever its needed with ease.

As the bulky carry handle is part of the roof section, this only strengthen the joints and makes the whole thing made to last, withstanding the current loads, or heavier loads if needed.

When in transportation mode the back panel is closed up, only then should you carry the playset with all the accessories contained within.

Fold-Out Base

Long, narrow Playmobil farm is the shape this playset requires, but is just big enough for all sorts of fun farm play - more importantly the farm set can be extended by pulling out the base.

In other words, the hinged back panel that keeps all the accessories contained within the take along farm when closed up actually folds-out, then becomes part of a play base.

We must say there is a small dip due to the way the panel folds-out, and the base is molded with square slabs. Before closing the panel back up, be sure to put the accessories back in and close up.

Two Cows in the Shed

Nice part of the farm set is focused on the brown and white cow and calf, and go hand-in-hand with the fenced off cow pen with opening gate.

Once the set is opened up and the back panel/base is folded down, ideally the gated fence pen can be slotted into the area on the right with the windows in the background.

Within this fence and gate section the cow and calf are kept, along with hay bales and the water trough to keep them fed.

Four Goats in Pen

Now turn your attention to the delightful set of four goats; with two adults and two kid goats. Well two goats are brown, the others are white - or white with brown spots.

But now the gated shed is being used for the cows, where can they keep the goats?

Easy, look to the set of five fence panels to create a vital animal pen, this pen will provide enough room for the Playmobil goats to roam around well grazing.

Each fence panel leg slots into the corresponding base to keep each section standing up.

Playmobil Farm Figures

Standing up to three inches tall, the two adult Playmobil figures head up the farm and take care of the farm animals.

Along with the parents is a child standing at 2 inches tall, and will help out around the farm.

All farm figures are poseable, meaning the hips can bend to make sitting down positions, well the arms turn around so they can all hold onto objects and grasp things when farming.

This could be the wheelbarrow, lantern, vegetables or one of the pitch fork, rake or broom.

Accessories for Farming

Playmobil fulfil their promise of extended play thanks to a bunch of useful but fun farm accessories, each one serving a purpose well making life on the farm easier.

There are buckets and bowls for water, troughs for animal feed, hay bales for feed and straw for bedding.

There's a few items that serve the farm family well, including the wheelbarrow, rake, fork and broom, with carrots and apples for feeding the animals or farm family.

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  • Weight: 2.87lb
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