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Melissa & Doug 531: Farm Blocks, 36 Piece Playset

Unpack the Melissa & Doug Farm from the wooden tray and begin putting it all together using colorful wooden blocks, to create a fun toy farm set.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

Product description

Melissa & Doug have done a wonderful job here creating this one-of-kind wooden farm playset, put together like a farm jigsaw puzzle, with the goal of playing with it.

To begin with, it all packs away in a lovely wooden tray when all blocks are loose, its then a matter of building up the barn, silo and chicken coop, with the rest of the accessories ready for play.

The big red barn is made with seven wooden blocks, made up a flat sides and angles for the roof.

The silo is all rounded so it will be easy to identify each section to assemble, that then you're left with just the chicken coop to build.

And this is made up with just three sections, you only need to make up the picture facing forward of the chicken behind a cage, with the door on the left side to build the coop.

All wooden blocks are colorfully painted with bold colors and intricate detail including windows, titles, bricks, fencing, grass, and animals scattered around.

The Melissa & Doug Farm is not without its farm animals, and in fact there are nine farm animals making up the set; horses, pigs, sheep, and cows - plus a tractor, trees and six fence panels.


  • Item No: 531
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in wooden tray with clear packaging
  • Made from wood
  • 36 Piece set
  • Wooden storage tray to pack it all away
  • Includes: Colorful barn, fences, stable, silo, trees, tractors and animals
  • Dimensions: L14 x W11 x H2 inches
  • Weight: 4lb

Manufacturer details

Melissa & Doug logo

Been available since 2011, this design is unique to Melissa & Doug and sure does give a different perspective on play. Out of the tray assembly is required to build up the farm set, only its made in big wooden colorful blocks. Similar to a three-dimensional puzzle, only this one they can play with using the barn at the center, with tractor, animals and accessories.

Guide to Melissa & Doug Farm

This is a farm set put together like a jigsaw puzzle, so we've given you a little guidance on how to build each building, well getting the most out of the set.

Build the Barn

Seven big wooden (mostly made up of red blocks) make up the barn puzzle, which happens to be the center of play in the farm set.

Melissa & Doug have created this barn using just seven big blocks in all shapes and sizes, from the lower half making up the door and windows, and the top half making up the hayloft with angled roof.

Both front and back of the barn are almost identical, well each door can be pulled-out and slotted back in the opening left behind.

Silo & Coop

Making up the outbuildings is the barn at the center of it all, with rounded blocks making up the silo using three sections, likewise the chicken coop comes in three building blocks too.

Simply take the three rounded blocks to assembly the silo, with the comb shape lid popped on the top.

The two bigger rounded shapes make up the silo tower. The three big wooden blocks that make up the chicken coop are easily matched by lining up the chicken inside the cage with door on left side.

Tractor, Trees & Animals

Twelve wooden blocks in this playset make up all the farm animals, two trees and single tractor.

All are cut from the same thickness with a light blue edge, there's then enough room on the surface to finish it with beautifully painted pictures of cows, sheep, pigs, horses and a detailed blue tractor.

Slide each one across the carpet for movement well keeping the three horses, the two black and white cows, two pink pigs and the two sheep in groups.

6 Fence Panels

Not quite thick as the rest of the wooden blocks, this set of six fence panels make up animal pens and a way to surround the farm set.

Cut from thick MDF into three sections with a post on either side, the thickness of these fence panels will keep them standing upright with ease.

Create one big animal pen for the cow, pig or sheep, or a corral for the horses. Just remember to leave an opening for the animals to come and go.

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  • L14 x W11 x H2 in
  • Weight: 4lb
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