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Mega Bloks John Deere Farm Tractor
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Mega Bloks 80840: John Deere Farm Tractor

Functional Mega Bloks farm tractor and front loader with tipping bucket, two farm figures (one for driving) and a vegetable patch for planting crops.

Brand: Mega Bloks

Product description

Once the tractor is built and the vegetable patch assembled, you'll have leftover bricks and pieces, so this is where the working front loader comes in useful - for scooping them up off the ground.

Out of the back assembly is required, and there's a huge 117 pieces in the set, so you better get started early if you need it built in time.

Building the farm tractor is a good start, then use the remaining bricks to build the garden.

Once up and running the Mega Bloks tractor works like most toy tractors; with free rolling wheels, working front loader and either one of the farm figures can sit on the seat to drive.

Though be warned you are unable to steer the wheels on this model.

The two farm figures are a welcome sight and will add more value in play, well one takes care of the garden, the other drives the vehicle.


  • Item No: 80840
  • 117 pieces
  • Age: 5 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from solid plastic
  • Includes: tractor with front loader, 2 farm figures, vegetable patch with fence
  • Extra bricks act as crops to planting
  • Instruction manual included
  • Dimensions: L11.5 x W8 x H2 inches
  • Weight: 0.4lb

Manufacturer details

Megs Bloks

Since 2013 this Mega Bloks John Deere farm tractor as existed in the series; and as always, officially licensed. In an effort to keep up with rival building block brands, this release offers a set targeted for 5 years and up, well earlier releases were for toddlers. Building brick sets don't have to be with working parts, and that's the focus of this Mega Bloks tractor.

Guide to Mega Bloks farm tractor

Building brick set naturally needs a guide, so we've supplied a simple one below. The included instruction manual should go along way to assisting in the building stage.

Tractor with Loader

Once the Mega Bloks farm tractor is built, you'll have yourself a small, but compact tractor for use around smaller farms.

Though it won't be a John Deere tractor until you apply the decors/stickers that come with the set.

You'd have to agree the front loader is a nice touch, and is fully functional to, so there's bits and pieces to be scooped up and emptied using the pivoting bucket attachment.

They should add the front loader during the building stage, but with a little tweaking, they can remove the front loader if it gets in the way, and use the tractor as a standalone model.

The driver's cab is fully equipped for either farm figure to sit behind the wheel and comes with four free rolling wheels.

2 Farm Figures

Delightful, cheerful farm characters are the farm people who are tasked to look after the crops and drive the Mega Bloks farm tractor.

With the tractor and vegetable patch, this leaves two jobs to do so two farm people are needed.

Working in the vegetable patch either figure is suited to literally pick up the fork to work in the patch, well the other figure can be positioned to sit down in the farm tractor to driver.

So these are not just any figures, these are poseable figures made with functional limbs, so they can bend at the kneed and legs to get in any position needed - including grasping hands for holding.


Away from the center piece - the farm tractor - for a minute then you are left with the extras that come with the set, namely the vegetable patch, pieces for crops and extra bricks.

Assembling the vegetable patch is easy due to the ground being all brown bricks, so pick them out and make the flat soil. Take the green crops and place them in the dirt.

There's also a barrel with fork that doesn't need building but can be added to the patch.

What you will be left with then is a few extra flat shaped bricks and a few pieces. You could plant these but will be also good to pick up using the front loader on the farm tractor.

How to build it

Carefully following the enclosed instruction manual, you'll begin be building the farm tractor first.

This is the main frame of the building including the bonnet and driver's cabin section; then goes on the steering wheel and seat.

Its simple to do as the shape and recognizable parts centered around the wheels will help guide you, then its just a matter of assembling the front loader and attaching it.

Last but no lease add all four free-rolling wheels. Then with the rest of the building bricks make the vegetable patch then and plant the crops in the soil.

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