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LEGO 7637: City Farm Set

Get going from the start with this huge LEGO City Farm set complete with a barn with functional winch, fill-up silo, farm animals, figures, tractor with trailer.

Brand: LEGO

Product description

Three farm buildings make up the foundation for this complete LEGO playset, with the silo and cow shed both sharing the flat green base - and the barn on stilts positioned on its own green base.

Once built the barn is sure to impress thanks to its functional winch that loads up the yellow bricks that also act as bales of hay.

The silo is on legs which can be filled up with loose LEGO bricks, then emptied using the lever at the bottom to be poured into the waiting tractor trailer beneath it.

The cow shed is located next to the standing tall silo and used to keep two cow figures.

Attention will soon focus on the LEGO tractor and trailer with functional loader. Once all parts are built the tractor has free-rolling wheels, the front loader goes up and down, and the bucket pivots.

The trailer connects to the rear hitch but can be left off, and so can the loader be disconnected.

To complete the set there's a fun little mower, cats, dog, farm equipment and left-over bricks for using as bales. The three farm figures will run the show and take care of the animals.


  • Item No: 7637
  • Age: 5 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from solid plastic
  • 609 Pieces in total
  • Includes: barn, shed, silo, tractor, trailer, mower, 3 farm figures, dog, 2 cats, 2 cows
  • LEGO City series
  • Dimensions: L14.9 x W18.9 x H4.4 inches
  • Weight: 3.45lb

Manufacturer details

Lego logo

Nearly 10 years this LEGO farm has lasted in the 'City' collection, and till this day still is one of the best farm sets on the market. A big selling point must be the complete playset, so no extras are required and its ready for building and playing out of the box. LEGO City are waiting for you if additional extras are needed, but for now this one is all you'll need.

Guide to LEGO City Farm Set

Color coordinated LEGO farm set that requires a helping hand, so we've guided you through building up all the main sections - with useful tips along the way.

Complete Farm Playset

As good as it gets complete LEGO 'City Farm' includes a barn with working winch and a silo on stilts (or legs), with a cow shed for keeping both the cow figures inside or out.

The tractor has the most moving parts with the free-rolling wheels, functional loader and a trailer that connects to the rear hitch. The silo can be filled up using the bricks and emptied at the bottom.

The complete LEGO farm set is not without its accessories; includes the cows, dog and cats. There are yellow bricks used as bales, mechanic trolley, sack truck, water trough, ladder and pitch fork.

Barn with Winch

The barn is sited on legs with the hayloft above and an area for the LEGO tractor to pass-through it underneath the top lever.

Begin by setting up the green flat base and build up the foundation on both sides. Once you've reached the limit layer the flooring and build the angled wall parts with the doors for the winch to attach too.

The winch is built on the red flat part with the moving parts contained within a compartment. Its only a matter of centering it on the roof before applying both hinged roof panels on both sides.

Cow Shed

To build the cow shed, being building up the foundation from the for left-hand corner of the green base.

You'll start with dark bricks then move onto light ones with a divide down the middle and equipment fixed to bring the cow shed to life with detail.

Once the top frame is on, the single roof panel can be built in two layer before added the hinged panel connection.

Fill Up the Silo

We've explained building up the cow shed first on the left side, now its time to build up the silo on a stand next to the cow shed - both sharing the same green flat base.

Both silo legs are already assembled, so you just need to start working on the base for the silo tank to sit on and the part where you can release bricks using the functional release.

It should be easy to assemble the silo drum with the rounded pieces, then its only a matter of popping on the lid. The bricks can be be poured into the tank and emptied at the bottom pulling out the lever.

Tractor with Loader & Trailer

After you've built the mower using mostly the yellow LEGO bricks, turn to the all blue bricks to begin building up the tractor, trailer and functional front loader.

Begin with the tractor chassis as the foundation, slowly building up the center to create engine hood, driver's cabin and the area to fix the four wheels - fixing the front loader last.

Then its time to assemble the trailer with the wheel chassis fixed underneath with a trailer needing all four sides. The back end is the area with the flap for emptying bricks.

Farm Animals & Pets

There's not much into building the two cows using the bricks, in fact you only need two bricks to fill in the center on the back of each cow.

The cows are used in the cow shed and can be used to graze out in the fields. You can use a number of bricks to create pens or lock them away in the shed.

The dog and two cats included in the set are the farm figures pets, but they are free to roam around the barn causing havoc and making friends with the cow - all two cats and dog are complete.

Figures with Equipment

Two pieces within this set are your small farm equipment to be wheeled around the farm to milk the cows to a trolley holding the mechanical parts for fixing the tractor or mower.

The one is a trolley on wheels well the other is a sack truck used to move around heavy tanks.

Designed to be used with either one of the LEGO figures and may just well be able to grasp onto the handles using the figures hands.

609 Bricks

You can start building this LEGO City Farm Set beginning with the small pieces; the three farm figures, cows and equipment all need to be built.

Then move onto building the mower, tractor and then the trailer. The wheels are already made but everything else needs to be put together.

You then need to lay out the green base, and begin building up the cow shed and silo on a stand. Then turn to the barn that is built on its own green base.

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  • Weight: 3.45lb
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