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LEGO 10525: Duplo Big Farm

Preschool playset starting from 2 years, meaning this LEGO Big Farm is built with little hands in mind, from the rounded farm animals to the chunky, big bricks.

Brand: LEGO

Product description

Complete LEGO Big Farm playset has it all, from the three main farm buildings, to the cow and calf, horse and cat, to the two farm figures, fencing panels and little blue tractor.

The three farm buildings serve to work with the animals and figures included.

Well the LEGO farmer and child live in the farmhouse, the cow and calf can live in the animal pen using the fence sections, well the horse lives in the stable.

Functionality in this LEGO Big Farm comes from the working winch with hook for picking up bricks, and a double set of opening doors.

The farmhouse has both an opening window and door, well tables and chairs can be setup inside or out, to create a homely feel.

The trotting horse can be positioned in the stable for safe keeping, surrounded by corral and a feed trough for water or hay.

Then there's the tractor where a figure can sit in, with the bucket attached to the front used to scoop up loose LEGO bricks that may be scattered around the farm.


  • Item No: 10525
  • Age: 2 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from solid plastic
  • 121 Pieces in total
  • Preschool building set
  • Includes: barn, farmhouse, stable, horse, cow, calf, chicken, cat, 2 figures, furniture, fences, tractor
  • LEGO Duplo Ville series
  • Dimensions: L18.9 x W14.9 x H4.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.84lb

Manufacturer details

Lego logo

Released in 2014, this is LEGO's shot at a toddlers big farm set, designed to appeal to both parents and kids alike with safety in mind. Being a Duplo model, you'll notice its more child-like, therefore has smooth, rounded edges. LEGO have released this farm playset with all the accessories you could need, with three buildings and a fun tractor for driving.

Guide to LEGO Big Farm

Even a LEGO 'Duplo Ville' Big Farm for toddlers needs a little guidance, so we've highlighted what this playset has to offer, going into detail with any hidden fun features.

Big, Chunky Brick Farm

LEGO Big Farm is just that, a big toddler farm set made for little hands with safety in mind, meaning all corners are rounded off, the surface is smooth and there are no sharpe edges.

Three farm buildings make up the core of this playset; including a barn with winch, a farmhouse for use with furniture, and a stable for the horse - or the cow and calf if they like.

The cute blue LEGO tractor will be used to scoop up loose bricks and the animals can be kept inside a fenced animal pen. The two farm figures will run the farm and look after the animals.

Barn with Working Winch

Double sided barn is open on one side with the interior easily accessed, well the other side is used to access the barn with the big green double hinged doors.

Located above the doors is a working winch; it goes up and down and well it has a hook, being LEGO, bricks attach to it the classic way.

Ideally the barn needs to be on the ground but refer to the picture and you'll see the barn can be attached to the top level - with access made using the winch.

Farmhouse for LEGO figures

The LEGO farmer and child need a house of there own, and this is where the farmhouse - complete with hinged door and window - comes in to play.

After a hard days work taking care of the cows and horse, the farmer and his boy can put there feet up and get some sleep.

Both figures arms and legs can bend which is useful as they can sit down on chairs around the table, they can also drive the tractor and ride the horse in this pose.

Stable for the Horse

The horse figure is big and chunky, positioned in a trotting pose, facing forward.

Luckily for the horse, she has a stable all to herself, equipped with corral for keeping her safe and a feed trough for water or hay.

This stand-alone building can be positioned anywhere they desire, but can also be used as a cow shed for keeping the cow and calf.

Farm Animals

If we exclude the horse for a moment, the set includes a black and white cow and calf, and chicken.

That's lucky because the inside of the barn will make the perfect place for the cow and calf to stay, though they can be kept outside grazing on the field.

There is a set of four connected fence panels on a hinge, and will be ideal for keeping the cows contained within, or why not use it as a corral for the horse - a single cat figure is also available.

Tractor with Front Bucket

Curved, chunky LEGO tractor is designed to be gentle on there hands thanks to the smooth edges.

All four-wheels are free-rolling and spin around as the tractor is pushed forward, with a gap in the driver's cabin allowing a farm figure to be fixed to drive the tractor.

Attached to the front of the tractor is a fun little bucket, used to pick up bricks or sweep them out of the way. The LEGO bricks can be attached to the bucket or loosely scooped up.

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  • Weight: 1.84lb
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