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Le Toy Van TV417: The Red Large Wooden Toy Barn

Beautifully designed, painted and finally printed large wooden toy barn set from Le Toy Van, easy to assemble, working winch with removable roof panels.

Brand: Le Toy Van

Product description

Le Toy Van's take on a large classic American barn, and if you know them like we do they usually focus on European style farm playset's, so this one will appeal to the US market.

This large wooden toy barn sets is of course flat packed and requires assembly by an adult, though the child could be more than capable of assembling it themselves, just watch out for the screws but you will need to supply a phillips screwdriver yourself.

Once built, you end up with nice looking American red barn set, painted on the edges then printed details to create wood and stone wall effects.

Le Toy Van have taken 'access to inside' into consideration, so where you can naturally gain access to the interior of the barn via the double opening doors and windows, turn it around for the big open gap behind - for unrestricted play with the animals and figures.

Play value is extended with the functional winch that goes up and down on string, but they're sure to make the most out of the three fence panels to create animal pens and boundaries around the barn.


  • Item No: TV417
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from wood
  • Includes: barn, 3 fence panels
  • Working winch with rope
  • Opening door
  • Easy access inside
  • Flat packed, easy assemble
  • Dimensions: L8.7 x W15.3 x H9.4
  • Weight: 8lb

Manufacturer details

Le Toy Van

Stunning Le Toy Van the Red Barn that gets the least attention from buyers and sellers alike, so it easy to believe why this one gets over looked, or not noticed at all as it happens. Released recently, this is Le Toy Van's take on a traditional large American style barn, and if you're familiar with Le Toy Van you'll know them as a European company.

Guide to Large Wooden Toy Barn

Will guide you through the steps to take to get this flat packed, assembly required red toy barn set, with a few suggestions how to use it, but will leave that up to the kids.

Large wooden barn

Once assembled this is a big wooden box in the shape of a lovely large barn set in shape of a rectangle with a curved roof.

On one side there's the hayloft opening with a pretend door below it, well the opposite side has just an open window. Situated to the back is a large open gap for unrestricted access inside the barn.

The roof panels do look better when fixed to the barn, but can easily be removed or put back on by lining up the holes with the corresponding slots.

Notice how beautiful the barn is colorfully decorated, this is from a print effect to create all the detail; from the wooden panels to the stone walls, to the flower pots, ladder, horse tack and doors.

3 Fence panels

With this wooden toy barn you get a set of 3 fencing panels to be used where ever the imagination takes them. There's only three panels, so to make any sort of animal pen or containment they will only be able to create a triangle shape.

But that's not the idea with this set of fencing panels, look to the product picture and you'll notice a boundary has be made where the big opening is located around the back of the barn.

With no containment here your animals will escape, so why not use the fence panels to create an animal pen and expand the area out side the barn where they can play and graze. The location of these fencing panels can be situated anywhere up again the barn outer walls.

Working winch

Extended play comes from the functioning winch, with a turn action lever to roll the winch up and down on double knotted string.

The winch hook is different to similar working barn winches as this one is magnetic, and will work with corresponding Le Toy Van accessories where there's a magnet for it to stick to.

Without these additional accessories it restricts play somewhat, but a little imagination should have them using the winch another way.

We like this winch but oddly enough the hayloft opening is not very big, more importantly there's no top level floor, so they will just be winching up and down with no purpose.

Easy access inside

Naturally the big opening double barn door will provide access to the barn once opened, this is made easy with a rounded hole they use for there fingers to pop it in and pull the door open.

Opportunities to reach in the Le Toy Van barn playset comes from the three open windows, two of which acts as stable barn doors, but they are not functioning doors - just look the picture.

Play takes part from the designated rear of the large wooden toy barn you'll presenting with a huge open gap. Here the idea is for unrestricted access inside the barn, where there play with the farm animals both inside and out.

If that's not enough, you can be assured the removing of the six individual roof panels will present unhinged access, well the panels can be removed and placed out of the way to one side.

Flat packed, assembly required

Like all Le Toy Van toys they come in the box flat packed, so you will need to assemble this one before play can commence.

Its easy enough mind you, simply use the screws that come with the playset - bare in mind you will need a standard phillips screwdriver - and connect all four walls to create the basic barn shape.

At this stage its not fully secure, so make sure you use the floor panel and finally screw it all together.

The winch part can then be fixed to the barn using the corresponding screw holes, but as we've mentioned above, the roof panels can be used with or without, just line up the holes to the slots - the fence panels are already assembled.

Compatible with Le Toy Van accessories

To stay on the wooden toy barn theme, we recommend lining up the Le Toy Van farm toys to be used with this large wooden barn set.

The barn does need farm animals and Le Toy Van do have you covered here with a lovely set of made from wood farm animals, which all fit well with this playset.

Also look to the Le Toy Van pick-up truck and trailer, complete with a couple of hay bales you can use with the barn's working winch - additional farm figures and animals are available.

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