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Kidoozie G02033: Funtime Tractor

There are up to eight buttons to discover on this Funtime tractor and trailer with music, animal noises and lights, with five farm animals and farmer included.

Brand: Kidoozie

Product description

Incredibly appealing farm tractor for 12 months and up, and this toddler tractor has a lot to discover with the chance to learn as they play.

The eight activation buttons to discover are located on the steering wheel, exhaust located on the bonnet, with five push buttons on the trailer that will only play when pushed down.

To activate the headlights, push the steering wheel; to make the tractor go forward, push the exhaust; then to activate the farm animal sounds, place them in the correct slot and push down.

The eighth button to discover is the seat, pop the farmer in the driver's seat and push him down, then old McDonald had a farm will play from the tractor.

Both the Kidoozie tractor and trailer require batteries, with batteries already included. The battery compartment is locked away behind a screwed down catch, so the toddler will never access it.

There are five farm animals to complete the set, and they can be played with on there own or catch a ride on the trailer - only when the child finds the correct slot to sit them in.


  • Item No: G02033
  • Age: 12 months and up
  • Presented in open display box
  • Made from plastic
  • Includes: tractor, trailer, 5 farm animals
  • Music, lights and sounds
  • Batteries included
  • Dimensions: L16 x W6.2 x H7.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.07lb

Manufacturer details


Remarkably, this tractor has existed in the Kidoozie series for nearly a decade, and gradually gained popularity over this period. That's due to the way its built, with a playful appearance, they've made sure its always safe for toddlers, and that is true today, thanks to how long its lasted. Perhaps next we need a barn set to go with the farm tractor and few accessories.

Guide to Kidoozie Funtime tractor

Toddler friendly farm tractor with a bright, colorful design, with sounds and animal noises when the button on pressed and figures pushed down.

Funtime Tractor

This where there first tractor should begin, with all the fun features to entertain them for hours. And with this one there is sure plenty to press and discover along the way.

Take the tractor itself, big and bulk and safe for toddlers of 12 months, it has both free rolling wheels, and with a push of the exhaust pipe, it will automatically go forward on its own.

The driver's section allows the farmer to be fitted in place, here he will drive the tractor and help bring the farm to life with his cheeky, cheerful appearance.

The tractor requires batteries which are included, locked away in the compartment by screw.


Towed behind the trailer using an easy-to-use hitch and tow connection, the tractor pulls along the trailer with the animals in transport.

In a 2-1-2 formation, the farm animals must be placed into their correct slot, and when they do the child will be able to hear the realistic animal sounds.

Like the tractor, its built in a safe way and will allow the child to handle with care. Its pushed along on 4 wheels (with a little grip) hooks onto the tractors rear hitch.

This trailer will also need batteries to admit the animal sounds, which are also included.

Sounds, Lights & Noises

To clarify, and as previously explained, once you place the farm animals into one of five available slots, animal sounds will admit from the trailer.

And this is true for the tractor, only when you place the farmer into the seat and push down, the old classic "old McDonald had a farm" will play.

In the part where the farmer sits in the tractor, the steering wheel also acts as a button, and once pushed will allow the headlights to flash on and off briefly.

With a press of the orange exhaust on the hood, the tractor will go full steam ahead all on its own.

Farm Animals

Complete tractor set with trailer has to come with a bunch of farm animals to take full advantage of the value it has in in the toy.

Chunky, rounded and colorful are the words to describe these animals, and so they should be as they are developed to appeal to toddlers.

The set include a pink pig, a purple and white cow, woolly sheep, white chicken (or hen) and a brown horse to finish the farm animal set.

They can be played with away from the tractor and trailer, but when transported, position each animal on the corresponding slot, and when pushed down the correct animal noise with blast from the trailer.

Ride along by itself

What distinguishes this toddlers farm tractor from similar ones is its ability to not only be pushed along with there little hands, but it can do just that all by itself.

You have the music, you have the sounds, and now you have a forward motion with a press of a button.

This button also acts as the exhaust located on the bonnet, so all they have to do is press down this orange exhaust and watch as the tractor accelerates forward by its own.

The forward motions doesn't last long, and will come to a halt shortly afterwards.

Educational Value

Starting at 12 months, this farm tractor should naturally come with educational value, and its does so with the music to listen to, the noises to recognize and later, to associate with farm animals.

Inside the trailer they will learn which farm animals is positioned in the correct slot (and bit like a shape block) and with a press of a button, understand what sound the cow, pig, sheep, chicken and horse makes.

Social skills will come with friends interacting with the farm tractor or farm animals, or vise versa.

All this happens gradually and the Kidoozie farm tractor is sure to last up to 3 to 4 years, but does have a few more years on it.

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