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Fisher-Price N9996: Little People Mini Farm

Learn more about Eddie as he takes care of the farm animals using his tractor with trailer and the barn to keep the cow, horse and chicken behind the doors.

Brand: Fisher-Price

Product description

When Fisher-Price say mini farm, they really do mean miniature, with the whole farm set needing only a little space on the carpet to fully setup and play with all the accessories.

The mini red barn toy will take center stage, using the opening doors for the animals and Eddie to come and go - and did you know the tractor and trailer can pass all the way through the barn.

This is a basic plastic toy barn with no batteries required, therefore this farm set has no lights and sounds, and does not play songs - which you'll agree makes it much more safer for toddlers.

Function happens with the opening doors and the push button on the well that makes it appear to fill up with water, over and over again.

Push-along the tractor and trailer with free-rolling wheels, carrying the tomato crate well dodging the corn on the field.

Farm animals included are the chunky soft-to-touch horse, cow and chicken. They can be sat in the barn behind the doors or up high in the hayloft.


  • Item No: N9996
  • Age: 12 months and up
  • Presented in open display box
  • Made from solid plastic
  • Includes: barn, well, tractor and trailer, horse, cow, chicken
  • Region-1 DVD included
  • Fisher Price Little People range
  • Dimensions: L16.5 x W3.8 x H8 inches
  • Weight: 2.3lb

Manufacturer details

Fisher-Price logo

Released in 2011, this is Fisher-Price's idea of a compact, mini farm set for 1 year olds and up. Sold as a miniature farm and a mini one it is, taking little space and easily stored away due to the size. Extra play value comes from the farmer and farm animals, with the tractor and trailer a favorite. Once they've packed away its time to pop on the DVD.

Guide to Fisher-Price Mini Farm

Mini Farm with a big heart, setup in a small area on the carpet or on the mat, and the one-year olds are ready to discover farm animals, with our guide showing you the way.

Mini Red Barn

Focus from the 1 year old will be mostly on the mini barn with opening doors and stalls for keeping the farm animal figures.

Double sided Fisher-Price Mini Farm with two sets of double doors that swing open. It all sit's on a base with an hayloft above for extra storage.

There's enough room on the inside for keeping the farm animals or even driving the tractor through with Eddie behind the wheel.

Cow, Horse and Chicken

There're three chunky farm animals to look after by the farmer, and Eddie the farmer will be kept busy feeding the horse and cow hay, and the chicken water.

Soft to touch texture on all animals make these three plastic farm animals comfortable on the young ones hands.

They are really chunky and have huge feet, which is also a base to stand on without falling over. They can be position all around the barn or inside the doors or up in the hayloft.

Well, Corn & Tomatoes

Still a mini farm set but still provides plenty of entertaining value in farm accessories, with a working well, a stork of corn and a crate of tomatoes.

The well is used in addition to the barn and with a push of a button, it appears to fill up with fresh water for the animals.

Crate of red tomatoes can be fitted inside the tractor's trailer, well the corn can be position anywhere they desire to bring the scene to life.

Tractor with Trailer

Cute little green Fisher-Price tractor and trailer set, use the tractor on its own or hook up the trailer to tow behind.

The driver's cabin has enough room to pop Eddie the farmer inside so he can take the controls and do the jobs required on the fields.

Towing behind is the trailer which hooks up to the tractor's hitch, with an area to stack the crate of tomatoes. All wheels are free-rolling so this is a simple push tractor.

Farmer Eddie

Eddie the farmer is the guy that runs the farm, along with your toddler setting the scene on the carpet.

He's posed to stand up, overlooking the horse, cow and chicken making sure they are all fed with a supply of fresh water.

Farmer Eddie is also posed to fit inside the tractor, driving around the farm with supplies popped in the trailer which can be towed behind.

DVD included

Region-1 Fisher-Price Little People (Volume 3) Discovering Animals DVD comes with this mini farm set, and is packed with lots of farm adventures and songs.

Fisher-Price characters are made in to film stars with this short film following Eddie (the same figure that comes with this set) as he takes you around the farm 'discovering animals'.

There's lots of fun to be had and wonderful songs to be heard, all of which will keep them entertained for up to 30 minutes.

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  • L16.5 x W3.8 x H8 in
  • Weight: 2.3lb
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