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Fisher-Price Animal Farm
Fisher-Price Animal Farm, girl
Fisher-Price Animal Farm, angle shot
Fisher-Price Animal Farm, inside
Fisher-Price Animal Farm, boxed
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Fisher-Price FPM55: Little People Animal Farm Playset

Fisher-Price farm set has a barn at the center of play with a twisting silo, opening doors with pictures, four farm animals, a farmer and interactive buttons.

Brand: Fisher-Price

Product description

Fully interactive farm set that is used for both fun but still has lots of educational value during these fun times. Over time toddlers will learn animal sounds and words, and eventually repeat themselves.

Add the farm animals behind the gates that display there picture, then discover two buttons with one that pops up the eggs and the big red one that makes farm animals noises, sounds and plays songs.

These sounds include animals noises and effects, it plays long drawn out songs to short ones. When it comes to much for parents, remove the batteries for quiet times.

Unboxing the Fisher-Price Animal Farm from the open display box requires you to carefully untangle the animals, figures and accessories from a mess of plastic and twine - being careful not to break it.

But once its out of the box, you are pretty much ready to go with the ringing bell and weather vane all setup, the silo fixed ready to twist and turn.


  • Item No: FPM55
  • Age: 12 months and up
  • Presented in open box display
  • Made from solid plastic
  • Includes: Farmer Jed figure and 4 animal figure; pig, chicken, horse, cow and calf
  • Press discovery button for fun songs, animal sounds & phrases
  • Fisher-Price Little People range
  • Dimensions: L5.4 x W23.5 x H15.5 inches
  • Weight: 4lb

Manufacturer details

Fisher-Price logo

Still quite a new release, being available since 2017 its to early to tell how well this Fisher-Price Animal Farm will do, but all hints point towards a success. Interactive toy from 12 months and up, this one has it all and will make a fun farm with educational value. Fisher-Price released this farm playset in the Little People range, and will fit in with all accessories.

Guide to Fisher-Price Animal Farm

Interactive Fisher-Price farm guide that will reveal what this educational toy has to offer, what it can do and what happens when you press the buttons.

Interactive Farm

Fold up and takeaway farm playset with a strong carry handle that pop out for transporting and folds back down, hiding away during play.

Fun bell that really rings and the weather vane on top of the barn are all setup. And so is the twisting top silo you turn to get the corn up three levels.

Likewise, all the push-buttons and interactive features are all setup and ready to go. Locate the nest for the chicken, sty for the pig, pens for the cow and calf, and the stable stall for the horse to begin play.

Fun Silo

This silo setup on the left side plays an important role on the Fisher-Price Animal Farm; it grinds the corn used to feed the animals.

Twist the comb shaped roof to turn the visible part locked away inside the silo tank. Here the yellow corn nuggets will jump all over the place as you turn and twist them up all three levels.

You'll also see the silo twisting around at the bottom - useful for adding extras - and just makes the whole device much more interesting.

Farm Animals

Soft, chunky Fisher-Price farm animals included with this set are the black and white cow and calf, sitting down pig, standing horse and nesting chicken.

Its worth noting the cow and calf are not separated, the calf is in fact attached to the mother so they always come as a pair.

Match the pig up to the gate with the pig picture, the horse goes in the stall behind the horse and carrot picture, cow and calf in the cow shed - and then the chicken sits in the nest up high above.

Farmer Jed figure

Farmer Jed is a child in appearance, and he's responsible for looking after his farm animals. He's dressed in western gear and if the look carefully - he's holding the hens' chick.

He's a friendly guy, always joking with the animals and keeping them entertained by creating games and playing out on the field.

The Fisher-Price figure is a chunky fella and easy on the child's hand, his feet are big so therefore will stand up with ease.

Songs, Sounds & Phrases

The bell will ring to bring the farm animals home for tea, but the real star of the show is the big red button positioned on the base of the animal farm in front of the barn gate.

Press this button down to to here don't worry piggy I'll clean you up before pressing the button multiple times to hearing farm animal sound effects, songs and flashing lights.

Batteries are required and included with this set. If noises become to much for grown ups, just remove the batteries as the farm provides plenty of play value without this feature.

Opening Doors, Hatch the Eggs

Match up the farm animals to the compartment doors displaying there picture. All doors and gates are hinged and can open and close.

The big blue door located above on the barn hayloft, opens outwards; so if you pop the farmer in there he will slide down it and arrive behind the brown gate directly below it.

Press the button close to the unhatched eggs, when pressed will lift off the eggs and reveal the little chicks faces peering out from underneath.

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