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Ertl John Deere Animal Sounds Hay Ride
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Ertl 34908: John Deere Animal Sounds Hay Ride

Go to ERTL animal sounds hayride with 4 farm animals and a farmer that leads the way; match the figures to the picture buttons to play sounds and music.

Brand: ERTL

Product description

This ERTL animal sounds hay ride is where it all started, followed by a series of toddler animal sounds and music tractor sets baring the John Deere badge.

To begin with the tractor and hay ride wagons had to be safe for 18 months and up, so the corners were rounded off and chunky, making it extra safe for young ones.

What will attract the ERTL John Deere animal sounds hay ride to them comes in the animal sounds with the "Old McDonald Had a Farm" that will play from the tractor when the button is pushed.

Back in the double wagons, allow them to play the game of matching up the farm animal figures with the picture on the push buttons.

Pushing the buttons well the animal is sat on it will play the animal sounds, and if they don't get it right at first - well they have lots of times to learn farm animal sounds.


  • Age: 18 months and up
  • Presented in open window display box
  • Made from plastic
  • Includes: tractor, double trailer, cow, horse, sheep, pig, farmer
  • Play's old McDonald had a farm music
  • 4 farm animal sounds
  • Push down to play sounds
  • Batteries required (included)
  • Dimensions: L14.2 x W4.7 x H6.3 inches
  • Weight: 1.12lb

Manufacturer details

ERTL logo

Released in 2013, this John Deere animal sounds hayride as been in the series for this long, leading the way in ERTL animal sound tractor sets. What we would call the go-to set, this one is distinguished from similar sound tractors from its double wagons towed behind. Educational aspect of the toy is matching up the picture to the chunky farm animals.

Guide to John Deere animal sounds hayride

Quick guide to ERTL's popular animal sounds hay ride, so allow us to explain what this educational toy has to offer toddlers from 18 months, with an educational game to go with it.

John Deere tractor

Open top John Deere tractor has the usual branded and coloring as you would expect from a licensed ERTL tractor - and as always with free rolling wheels and soft tires.

Anytime the music and animal sounds become to much to handle, simply remove the batteries from the sealed compartment and the tractor with double trailers will work as a standalone toy.

Acting as the seat is a push button, they can push it with there hands to hear the old classic - Old McDonald - or sit the farmer in this spot and push him down to play the music.

Double hayride trailers

Interconnected double hayride wagons are the two trailers you'll be towing behind the John Deere tractor at all times, that's because they are also connected with no way to detach them.

On the two wagons are two spots with a picture that corresponds with each of the four farm animals.

Sit each farm animal on the correct spot to here the sounds the animal makes. They can sit them in any spot, but the toddler will gradually earn to sit them in the correct spot over time.

Connection between the trailer and all the towing joints allow them to tow the wagons well maneuvering in any direction.

4 Farm Animals

They're not short with the joy of the all important farm animals in this set, and there are 4 animals to make friends with and take rides on the hayride.

The chunky farm animals which are included are; a brown horse, a black and white cow, a pink pig and a woolly effect sheep - all of whom can fit into there own spot on the double hayride trailers.

All four animals are short, chunky and rounded off; meaning they are safe for toddlers hands. They are soft to touch and hand painted on with child safe paints and materials.

the Farmer

Rounded, chunky, soft feel John Deere farmer is ready to drive the animals on a fun hayride. He sit's on the tractor driver's cabin seat and takes the animals on a tour.

Pop the farmer down on the tractor seat and push down to get play a short version of "Old McDonald Had A Farm" from the tractor.

As he's small but chunky, he's highly suited for play due to the soft and smooth feel. Not only can the farmer drive the tractor, but he can round up the animals and look after them all.

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  • Weight: 1.12lb
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