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Ertl 12924: Farm Country Grain Feed Set, 1:64 Scale

No more Ertl toys are needed to get going with this playset, everything they need to start storing grain and transporting it away is included in the grain feed set.

Brand: Ertl

Product description

Off the bat simply assemble all the pieces together and position as demonstrated on the box or manual (which is included), but take care not to lose the small farm accessories.

This complicated mess of tanks and tubes is not as daunting as you'd think, the big rounded tanks store grain harvested fresh off the field. Well the mix of tubes that run from the tall tower to the tops of the grain bins suck the grain out or in - and onto an awaiting die-cast Ertl grain truck.

Don't expect the tubes and grain tanks to be functional mind you, this playset is not that advanced, but most fun will come from there imagination, pretending to pour grain through the tubes, then into all three of the silo's.

If they have anything that might assemble play grain, then the silo tops can be removed and filled up, which is a nice touch for additional play value.

Well the gain bins sit to one side, the auger is fixed to the plastic base and so is the farm shed where the accessories that come with this playset can be store.


  • Item No: 12924
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Age: 5 years and up
  • Presented in box with small window
  • Made from plastic
  • 45 pieces included: die-cast grain truck, 3 grain bins, auger, shed, base, 2 saw horses, bales, sacks, wheelbarrow
  • Ertl Farm Country range
  • Instruction manual included
  • Dimensions: L14.1 x W12.6 x H5.1
  • Weight: 3.6lb

Manufacturer details

Ertl logo

Since 1993, this Ertl Grain Feet Set has evolved very little to how it looks today, still in the Ertl Country Farm series, designed to work with all previous and existing Ertl toys. The reason behind this playset is so the children can get a farm set up and running right away with no additional items, but this grain feed set sure needs a few tractors and animals.

Guide to Ertl Grain Feed Set

We've highlighted the top features this grain feed set has to offer, and will guide you through the most interesting ones with quick assembly pointers.

Complete Grain Set

Long-standing Ertl 'Farm Country' grain feed set is all you need to get a working farm up and running right out of the box.

There's three grain bins with removable tops, an auger tower and farm shed that both fix tightly to the base, with the tubs running across to connect the auger to the grain bin tops.

Down on the ground fun is added with the die-cast Ertl grain truck in 1:64 scale, with bales of hay, metal effect corral, wheelbarrow and more accessories.

Die-cast grain truck

The 'Farm Country' series to known to supply everything they need to operate a toy farm, and this is possible thanks to a dinky 1:64 scale die-cast metal Ertl toy grain truck.

This truck features six free-rolling wheels, blanked out drivers cabin windows, a large payload back for taking away grain, with the words: Tyler Transport, spruced across the truck.

This Ertl die-cast toy truck can be pushed around the playset or ridden over the base and inside the farm shed, and the trucks container top can be removed to be filled up with grain to be taken away.

Tower auger

This complicated mess of tubes, pipes and fixings help this auger suck up grain into the grain bins via the tops - and this one replicates a tower auger for large scale work.

Affix the tower to the plastic base to keep it standing upright, then follow the instructions to fix the tubes from the auger to the corresponding grain bin tops.

It has a detailed steel effect frame with metal piping, well half way up the tower sit's the platform for the grain worker to observe, well the auger is in operation.

Farm shed on base

Once assembled, the farm shed will fix to the base with the corresponding indentations. Here the accessories can be stored, as can the Ertl toy grain truck, though they will spend most of the time driving directly through.

Access is gained from both sides, but the roof panel can be removed for unlimited access inside - bare in mind the roof panel does go towards stabilizing the whole farm shed structure.

Designed to fit where the instructions (or picture) suggests, but can go where ever there imagination takes them, and this is true for the silo's, well they can leave off the base all together.


Ertl 'Farm Country' playset's are not without there accessories to offer more value in place, as it gives them tasks to do around the farm.

Not promoted often with this set, but you will get a pair of saw horses (usual as it is), a wheelbarrow, sacks of grain, bales and a set of six red plastic farm corral panels which clip together.

The shed will be used to drive the truck through often but there is space on the side within it to store these little accessories indoors, and out of the way.

Easy assembly

You have an instruction manual there if you need it, but you won't as this grain playset is very simple to put together without reference.

Take the two silo's for example, they are clipped together by the top and bottom half, before putting on the top and base, well the bigger silo is cut in half sideways but the top goes on same as before.

Then put the side walls up on the shed, find it's position on the plastic base, assemble the tower auger and pop the tubes to the tops of the grain bins - you may need a little help here from the manual.

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  • Weight: 3.6lb
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