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Ertl 12279: Farm Country Dairy Barn Playset, 1:64 Scale

Over 65 pieces make up this miniature Ertl Dairy Barn playset, included is everything you'll need for realistic cattle farm play, centered around the toy barn.

Brand: Schleich

Product description

Classic designed all round American dairy barn, with a big opening barn door with access available from the rear - this basic design doesn't allow for opening and closing hinged doors.

You will have to assemble the barn out of the box, and is all sited on a solid plastic base which should go towards directing you as you assemble, making it easier to build.

The overall design is traditional mid-west American white toy dairy barn, with the interior layout fitted to house dozens of cows, with sections for sleeping and room through the corral for feeding at the trough.

Access to the interior of the barn comes from the removable roof panel, but most dairy farm play will happen outdoors next to the barn itself.

Here they are free to setup up multiple cattle pens using the white fencing panels or using the high red 'metal effect' corral sections - all of which can be connected with a simple slot function.

Finally, you can't run the Ertl toy dairy barn without a bunch of dairy cows, with up to 19 classic black and white cows included, the fun won't stop anytime soon as there's plenty of tasks to do.


  • Item No: 12279
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Age: 5 years and up
  • Presented in box with clear windows
  • Made from plastic
  • Over 65 pieces: barn, fencing, figures, cattle, equipment, feeder and more
  • Farm Country range
  • Dimensions: L15 x W5 x H18
  • Weight: 4.25lb

Manufacturer details

Schleich logo

Released the early 1990's as part of the Ertl 'Farm Country' series, this dairy barn set has evolved since the original release. Over time the design and coloring theme as changed with accessories removed from the playset. The popularity of this Ertl dairy barn is proven as the set still exists in the collection, despite multiple ownerships over the years.

Guide to Ertl Dairy Barn Playset

We have provided you a handy little guide to this Ertl dairy barn, with all the top features highlighted with a few tips on how to assembly the barn, though an instruction manual is included.

The Toy Barn

Setup your own toy dairy farm in 1:64th scale, starting with this Ertl Dairy Barn at the center of play. Once assembled, there's a large open space for keeping the cows contained within the cattle pen using clip-on 'metal effect' corral.

Outside the cattle pen parameter is a walkway for the toy farm people, where there's a trough running along the corral, so the cows can feed through the bars. There's a big opening barn door on the front and a small single door at the rear.

The small adjoining room can be accessed through a doorway, and use as a storage room or with a little imagination, a milking polar for the cows to visit before grazing outside.

Lots of Cows

Most is made of this Ertl dairy barn thanks to a helping hand of nineteen black and white plastic toy cows in bulk. All of which are in standing positions, with a few bending down grazing.

As its a dairy farm these miniature Ertl toy cows are a must, they can be placed outside in multiple cattle pens, or kept inside the dairy shed when they're calving.

Like all Ertl 1:64 scale toys, these cows will fit in with the whole range in the series, with the option to add even more Ertl cow toys to expand the dairy farm to a huge herd.


The diary barn comes with tiny farmhands to work on the farm and look after the cows around the clock, with two farm figures included in different poses - from carrying items to pitch forking.

Jobs to do include keeping the cows fed through the trough and in the pens, as well has keeping the barn clean and checking up on the animals.

They will spend there time walking around the dairy barn making sure everything is in check, and will fit in with any 1:64 scale farm toys that are added to the collection now or later.

Fencing/Corral Pens

Interestingly, look carefully and you'll notice the toy dairy barn playset does indeed come with two sets of fencing - well the white panels replicate wooden fencing, the red sections replicate metal corral that is designed to keep heavy farm animals contained within.

All sections can be clipped together to make a number of smaller cattle pens, or just one big large one that will sit beside the barn.

The white and red sections are not interchangeable, so create one pen with the red panels, and if you follow the picture on the box, you can create one medium size pen and a larger one that goes up against the barn.

Feed Equipment

You can't run a dairy farm without the use of feed equipment to keep the cows well fed and happy. So naturally this diary playset has you covered and is riddled with recognizable feeding equipment.

Take the interior for starters, the pen is surrounded with a feed/water trough, the animals will poke there head through the bars and feed with ease.

Most interesting is the big feed system with cover for the cows to feed off from both sides in the field or within the pen. You'll notice the cows will spend most of there day feeding off this farm equipment.


Its small to start with but still needs assembly before they can play. And instruction manual is included but it all starts off be laying down the solid plastic base.

Start be clipping together three side panels on each side of the barn to create two long sections, then take these two sections and position them in the base foundation along with the front and back section of the barn.

Again the roof panel is in three sections so assemble these first, but not before fixing all the corral panels within the shed and the detail. The roof panel can be left off but does create stability with the structure, but can also provide unrestricted access within the barn.

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