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Ertl Western Ranch Set
Ertl Western Ranch Set, Barn
Ertl Western Ranch Set, Cattle
Ertl Western Ranch Set, Fencing
Ertl Western Ranch Set, Included

Ertl 12278: Western Ranch Set, 1:64 Scale

Small ranch playset, designed to work with all Ertl 'Farm Country' toys, all tractors and vehicles in 1:64 scale, opening doors, cattle and windmill included.

Brand: Ertl

Product description

This Ertl Western Ranch Set is packed with lots of features and accessories, depicting a busy cowboy era (mid 1800th century) barn scene complete with cattle, cowboys on horses and fence panels.

Out of the box a bit of assembly is required from the big barn to the windmill, then its up to the child to use up the stickers to add to the right place.

No hard or fast rules on this western ranch set, well the scene can be set by copying the layout from the box, its up to them how they want their layout to look - and buildings don't have to be positioned close to one another either.

In there duties to run this small 1:64th scale barn, the fencing will be needed to secure the cattle and round them up as your ride through the desert.

Back on the safety of there land, you'll cowboys will feed the cattle in the pen and keep things moving inside the barn, with access through a sliding door - where the roof can be removed.

Set in cowboy times, bring this playset up to date by adding tractors and a truck, with additional farm animals so the fun never stops.


  • Item No: 12278
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Age: 5 years and up
  • Presented in window display box
  • Made from plastic
  • Over 65 pieces included
  • Barn, windmill, fencing, figures and horses biggest attraction
  • Accessories; bales, wagon wheels, tank, feed trough, wheelbarrow
  • Farm Country range
  • Dimensions: L14 x W8 x H18
  • Weight: 3lb

Manufacturer details

Ertl logo

Several years this Western Ranch Set has existed, since RC2 to Learning Curve, and now under the ownership of TOMY (parent company of ERTL). The fact this red toy barn playet remains in the Ertl range can only reinforce that this item continues to be a popular one. Well the set has been in the range for sometime, its only a matter of time before its gone.

Guide to Ertl Western Ranch Set

Its only a small 1:64 scale barn set, and regardless of this it still packs plenty of play value, with lots of accessories and detail - so let's guide you through what it has install.

Barn center of play

As with all toy barn sets, this Ertl Western Ranch will be the focal point of 1:64 scale toys around the cowboy times, but there's nothing wrong with giving it an update with modern machinery.

From the outside - and where the child has more freedom to roam - this is where the windmill, fencing panels and machinery will sit there.

And well a little cramped inside - it is a miniature 1:64 scale after all - they are free to keep the cattle, machinery and accessories tucked away securely behind closed doors.

A nice touch is the real working sliding doors, and the hayloft opening above, there's a few windows to let the light in, well the empty ground space can be used however they like.

Horseback riders

In total there are a pair of toy horseback riders sitting on two rearing horses. Well one looks like an experienced rider waving his hat, the other cowboy doesn't look so confident.

You can't have a cowboy ranch without figures on horseback, so it was important this Ertl ranch set has at least a pair of cowboys on horses to bring the scene to life.

Well positioned on the horse, its the cowboys duty to ride around the land taking care of the grazing cows, they may also need to ride farther out to round the cattle up.

Cowboys can be removed from the horseback so they can use the horses to pull the old farm equipment for plowing the field - which is one of many duties the rancher carries out.

Assorted cattle

All together there are a mix breed of eight cow figures, ranging from bold colors to patch cattle. Well all bulls, they look fierce and ready to cause the cowboys trouble with their behavior.

But the men will have to watch out as these bulls have horns, so keep them contained behind the fencing and don't turn your back to them.

Designed to work with a few accessories within the set; the water trough and the feed equipment can be randomly added within the pens, including hay bales.

Well the cattle used within the fencing are in standing positions, you'll get a pair of bulls made to work with the old farm equipment to use there strength to pull along the plow.


We've mentioned it a few times already, but absolutely worth mentioning it again; toy fencing panels make for extra play value around the ranch, and will be a big selling point to the young rancher.

In total there are 14 fence panels to play with, well very small, they are not connected so play is not restricted how they are used, and what pen shapes can be created.

With fourteen fence panels you can make up to three square pens using 4 panels each, create one big pen or make it smaller with a divide down the middle.

Let them use there imagination how these fencing panels are used, once they get the hang of it they will know to make pens for the cattle on the inside and outside the barn.

Farm Equipment

Back in the cowboy times there were no such thing as tractors or farm gas powered farm vehicles to operate around the ranch.

Instead the rancher will use old plowing equipment - just mangled heavy metal with sharpe teeth - to run along the ground to prepare the land for growing crops.

Well to heavy to pull by hand, the rancher can use his cattle (available with two bulls pulling plows) or if they like, remove the cowboys and use the horses - just make sure they drink and rest.

The toy farm equipment is used for these duties when the ranch turns into a farm for the season, most of the time you'll find this equipment simply helps bring the ranch scene to life and not used.

Windmill brings it to life

You can't recreate a cowboy ranch scene without the essentials, and this basic windmill will do just that as it sit's in the field looking the part, in the shadow of the classic red barn.

Well windmills today are used to generate power, in the cowboy times the windmill will be used for mill grain or pump water - but probably both.

This windmill will need assembly; take the four leg sides and clip together, then take the windmill itself and attach to the top.

This windmill is not functional, meaning the windmill doesn't turn in the wind or manually, instead is designed to fill the ranch scene with a bunch of classic structures and features.

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