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Brio 33799: Tractor with Load

Use this Brio tractor with load as a standalone model or connect more train sets later from the series using the magnetic metal links, on the front and back.

Brand: BRIO

Product description

There's a never ending chance to connect more and more BRIO trailers to this tractor, but can be used as a standalone model, played on the carpet with or without the use of tracks.

It does all the things any wooden toy tractor can do; with free rolling wheels, a connection to tow trailers and is tough and durable thanks to the natural wood and plastic construction.

Join both the tractor and trailer using the rounded heavy metal magnetic links behind the tractor (like a rear hitch), but pay close attention to the trailers magnetic links.

Not only can they join this trailer to the tractor, but the magnetic link behind provides an opportunity to join up more trains as they expand the set now or later.

Once you've detached the trailer from the tractor, then removed the load and the trailer base, then the set includes four pieces in total.


  • Item No: 33799
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in blister packaging
  • Made from wood/plastic
  • Includes: tractor, trailer, logs
  • 4 piece set
  • Use on the carpet or on BRIO rail tracks
  • Dimensions: L5.4 x W1.3 x H2 inches
  • Weight: 0.26lb

Manufacturer details

BRIO logo

Since 2016, this Brio tractor set has graced the series of toys of all themes, with this tractor covering the farming needs of BRIO fans. Off the tracks its acts as a usual tractor, but using a brio track set with it turns this simple wooden tractor into a transport of the load in the trailer. Can be used as a standalone model, but there's a chance to expand later.

Guide to BRIO tractor with load

Little guide to Brio tractor and trailer set, complete with a wooden log load with the ability to play with the set on the carpet or on BRIO's tracks.


Sweet, tiny made from both natural wood with a plastic cab, this Brio tractor can be used all on its own, with the trailer and load attached to its magnetic hitch.

Rides on solid wheels, connected using the unique Brio magnetic links, the wheels are free rolling, and well they can ride freely on the carpet, they are designed to mostly be used on the Brio wooden track.


It doesn't take much to connect the Brio tractor to the trailer, just join the two metal connections well the magnetic feature will form a strong link.

Like the tractor, the trailer can be played with on the carpet or towed behind the tractor on the tracks, which in turn becomes a tractor/train vehicle. There's also an additional magnetic link on the rear.


Acting as three natural wooden logs, only these three logs are all joined and cannot be separated.

There's a reason behind this, and that's a metal link on top. And as you'll find out with additional Brio toys, this link may exist so the load can be lifted up using a Brio crane or similar lifting toy.

On the Tracks

What is remarkable about BRIO wooden train toys is that they are all interchangeable, meaning they are designed to be used as is, or with any toys that may come into the set later on.

Take the wheels, the are perfectly separated so that they can run freely on the Brio wooden train tracks, well still allow the opportunity to play with the Brio tractor with load without the need of rails.

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