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Brio 30265: Farm Tractor Set

All you need to setup a beautifully crafted wooden/plastic farm tractor set, it has nice trailer that links to the tractor with ease, a horsey and farming figure.

Brand: BRIO

Product description

Think of this Brio farm tractor set as an ordinary toy tractor with trailer, well its not compatible with the current series, it will fit in with similar 'made from wood tractors' and accessories just nicely.

Often a brand expand on there current 'famous' line of toys by introducing a new series, well not connected to the current line, this allows them to explore something they've never done before.

And in this case, we now have a chunky, much larger tractor and trailer set with a unique horse and farm figure set.

The top function of this new line is the ability to steer the front wheels on the tractor by turning the smokestack situated on the hood.

The figure can be sited on the driver's seat, well the horse can hitch a ride in the trailer.

If you're familiar with BRIO toys, you'll know the heavy, metal magnetic links connect the toys, only this line of toys are connected with the more familiar rear hook and trailer hoop - in a big chunky design.


  • Item No: 30265
  • Age: 18 months and up
  • Presented in window display box
  • Made from 100% natural wood
  • Includes: tractor, trailer, horse, figure
  • Turn free rolling wheels using knob
  • Detachable trailer
  • Dimensions: L12 x W4 x H5.5 inches
  • Weight: 1lb

Manufacturer details

BRIO logo

Since 2016, this Brio tractor set was released for 18 months and up, setting up a new series of Brio set's that are not related to their famous set. So this tractor can be used as a standalone model, well not compatible with their tracks, they are free to push it along on the carpet. Much bigger than their counterparts, this set can be used with similar brands.

Guide to BRIO farm tractor set

This Brio farm tractor set comes complete with tractor, trailer, horse and figure; currently a standalone model, not compatible with the rest of the BRIO series for 3 years.


What a delightful wooden tractor this Brio one is, carved into a model with a recognizable design, with the standard big free rolling wheels on the back, and two smaller ones on the front.

Likewise, the driver's cab is open so you're free to pop the figure in the seat, well the tractor can actually be steered using the smokestack on the hood, which could also be an exhaust.

Its simple, this bulky wooden knob can be twisted, resulting in the front wheels directly beneath it turning left and right. The rear hitch is a simple big hoop, which will hook onto the trailer with ease.


The trailer reminds us of a train carriage carrying circus animals like a giraffe, only this trailer is made to carry the farm horse.

The big white wheels are free rolling and the same size as the front-two wheels on the tractor, which creates a stable trailer for towing around.

Take notice of the rear and front hitch attachments; the hoop one is used to attach to the tractor's rear hitch, well the front hook (which is identical to the tractor hitch) will connect to additional trailers.


In this whole set, its only the horse that really shows off the natural beech wood finish, with a lick of paint and printed effect to create the spots.

The horse is cut from thick wood, so therefore will allow it to stand freely without falling over.

This horse comes with the set has he is needed to be towed in the trailer, secured within the panels that should allow it to stay freely during the ride.

Farmer Figure

Not like any toy farmer we've ever seen, though we can appreciate the design of the figure and understand how easy it would be on an 18 month olds little fingers.

Simple as its gets, carved from a rounded piece of wood with the head made even more rounded, he has a big smile, is a cheerful character dressed in blue dungarees.

This farmer will sit nicely onto the tractor driver's seat, and can be facing any direction. And the flat bottom should help the figure stay standing in the tractor or on the ground.

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  • L12 x W4 x H5.5 in
  • Weight: 1lb
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