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Breyer Stablemates 5502: Jumping to Conclusions Lisa & Prancer Play Set, 1:32 Scale

Brand: Breyer

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Product description

Lisa is worried that Prancer is sick when their first lesson together doesn’t go well, but Veronica tells her that she just isn’t good enough to ride such an experienced horse. When Lisa is scheduled to ride Patch in the next lesson to help her confidence, Veronica is assigned to Prancer and decides to add oats to the mare’s feed for a boost of energy, despite the fact that this was strictly forbidden. When Prancer seems perfect the next day, Lisa’s best friends, Carole and Stevie, rummage through Veronica’s bag for evidence of foul play. Lisa, however, discovers that Prancer had been munching on a poisonous plant in the field that gave her an upset stomach, the real reason for her lack of performance. In the end, all of the girls learn not to jump to conclusions.

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