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BanBao Tractor with Tools
BanBao Tractor, frontview
BanBao Tractor, display
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BanBao Tractor, boxed

BanBao 8586: Tractor with Tools, 115 Pieces

Way to beat the LEGO prices, this Banbao tractor with tools is the ideal kit to get the child off the ground with a building brick set with 115 pieces.

Brand: BanBao

Product description

There's work to be done before play can commence with this Banbao kit, and that's building up the tractor and trailer set from scratch using the 115 piece set.

They will start by building up the tractor and then tackling the trailer, with the figure, animals and tools already built and ready to be played with.

Once up and running, the tractor will have free rolling wheels and a seat to pop Tobee the farm figure in, with a rear hitch for towing the trailer.

The trailer is open so the animals or building bricks can be towed behind, it is resting on four wheels with the front two connected to the tow bar so will turn as the tractor does.

Tobee the figure has moving arms and can be secured to all bricks, but here he will grasp the two tools with his hands - which is the rake and fork.

To complete the set, there are two farm animals in the black and white cow and goat.


  • Discontinued
  • Item No: 8586
  • Age: 5 years and up
  • Presented in closed box
  • Made from plastic
  • 115 building pieces, LEGO compatible
  • Includes: tractor, trailer, figure, 2 animals, fork, rake
  • Free rolling wheels
  • Detachable trailer
  • Dimensions: L9.1 x W5.9 x H2 inches
  • Weight: 0.6lb

Manufacturer details

BanBao logo

One of few brands who not only develop LEGO like building brick sets, but have the courage to make them cross-compatible, at a lower price. Here they released their only standalone tractor, with an option to buy in a set. To make it your worthwhile, they've included a functional farm tractor, a trailer with tools, farm animals and a figure similar to LEGO.

Guide to Banbao tractor

Did you know this set is similar to the LEGO tractors and are even cross-compatible, so we have this guide for you on what is on offer, and how to build it.


Functional 'LEGO like' tractor requires building up from the base upwards, with the wheels on last with the option to use the trailer or not.

Its a small tractor that has functional parts in the free rolling wheels, it has enough room beneath the driver's cab to pop in the driver and an easy to use rear hitch to add the trailer.

There's a choice to use the Banbao tractor with or without they trailer, but they're sure to always use it well hauling extra bricks.


The Banbao farm trailer is an open back one so all types of accessories can be added, including the rake and fork that comes with this set - and extra building bricks.

The trailer does need building up also, but is not quite as complicated as the tractor.

It sit's on a twin axle, well the front wheels are part of the towing bar; so will turn when they turn the tractor, left or right - the trailer also has a fold-down rear tailgate.


Just like LEGO figures, this one is similar in both size and compatibility.

Name Tobee, this character has moving arms and can be attached to the driver's seat with the brick design allowing him to be secured nice and tight.

Well the figure can drive, his hand are also in a grasping position, so it looks like he's driving the tractor using the wheel - the grasping hands also come in handy for holding the tools.


Interestingly, Banbao have decided to supply two farm animals in a classic black and white cow, and a of all things... a goat.

Sure, it certainly makes a difference from the usual pig or chicken, but in this case a goat can also act similar to a sheep, and are looked after the same way.

The tractor is ready to go searching for the animals if they wonder off to far, then bring them back in the trailer.


The big selling point of this set is the Banbao tractor with tools, and by tools Banbao do mean the little rake and fork.

You have a functional tractor with trailer, but you'll be surprised how much play value these accessories can bring to the role play.

Interestingly, the rake and fork are rounded and can be grasped using the Banbao figure's hands, then piled in the trailer to be taken to the next job.

115 building pieces

Once you've built the Banboa tractor set, you'll end up with up to seven pieces in total; including the tractor, trailer, rake, fork, cow, goat and figure.

But what you will start with is a whopping 115 building bricks, well they are not all bricks and don't need assembly (such as the animals and figure), its time to get building.

Naturally, they will want to start by building the tractor and trailer with the color bricks helping along the way, with a complete manual to follow.

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  • L9.1 x W5.9 x H2 in
  • Weight: 0.6lb
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