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All About Old Mcdonald's Farm - All About Horses

Farmat: DVD

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Product description

Fun-filled adventures for kids of all ages! OLD McDONAL’S FARM Plant the seeds for an amazing adventure when you join Farmer John on a fascinating trip to Old McDonald’s farm. You’ll see giant farm equipment in action, including a bailer that drops out huge rolls of hay and a combine that can separate corn kernels from the cob in only minutes! Step inside the barn and watch a modern milking machine go to work on some friendly cows. Find out how horses get their shoes... collect eggs from the chicken feed some hungry goats...and watch two muddy pigs playing in hog heaven. So put on your overalls and plow into this educational, fun-filled video that teaches you All About Old McDonald’s Farm.

Approximately 27 Minutes HORSES Whoa there, buckaroo! Are you ready for some real horsin’ around? Every child loves horses, and why not? From sleek thoroughbreds to powerful, towering draft horses and cute ‘n’ cuddly ponies, these special animals have so much to offer. Horses A–Z takes you right into the exciting world of horses in a live-action video designed for the budding rider, future rodeo star, or simply anybody who loves horses. You’ll see hard drivin’ rodeo action, watch a foal learn to run, even learn about the care and feeding of horses. It’s all here! So, trot on down to the corral–the horses are waiting! Approximately 27 Minutes Approximately 54 Minutes Color/NTSC/Mono/Stereo 05-51262.

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