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Farm animal toys that make sounds

Farm animal toys that make sounds

Entertain them from 2 months and up with farm animal toys that make sounds, which correspond to the correct farm animal with a fun and noisy twist.

You'll expect to here cows mooing, a sheep's meh, and a pig snorting; with the sounds coming directly from the farm animals, or the whole play set will emit the noises.

If you're looking for actual plastic toy farm animals that make sounds, the market has come up a little short on this option.

Instead you can look to farm animal toys that make sounds from five types of play sets, and well we've covered farm sets that make sounds before, here will focus more on all types of farm animal toys that emit sounds - or just goofy farm noises.

How are sounds educational?

This is one step out of many that helps them develop in the way of sounds, how they correspond and how to react.

The idea behind farm animal toys that make sounds is to allow the toddler, and kids 3 years and up, to help them familiarize themselves with sounds on the farm.

Overtime, they will know that cows moo, sheep meh and pigs snort. It may seem like a little thing, but toys at this age will contribute to them learning.

You shouldn't just limit them to farm animals, all wild life count, and farm animals should be one group of animal toys among many they can interact with; this could be through plush toys, puzzles, games or even electrical toys.

Stand alone farm animals

We wish we had something for you but unfortunately there isn't anything in the way of stand alone farm animal toys.

There are plush farm animal toys, but nothing in the way of plastic, battery operated ones.

The closest kind of farm animals, be it; a cow, sheep, pig, donkey, chicken or even an horse - still has to be bought in a set.

What we would recommend is continue to look for farm animal toys that make sounds as sets, as the animals can be used as a stand alone toy or with the group of animals, which in a way is more value to them.

Plush animals

Now, when it comes to toy farm animals making sounds, there's plenty of plush animals to pick from - be it as a stand alone soft toy or as a set of four animals.

Take a single plush farm animal such as a cow, here you'll get a soft and friendly black and white cow - with a push of the belly to make it go moo.

Likewise, a plush sheep has a wooly effect body with a meh sound effect.

Big plush farm animals come usually sitting down well the tinier animals (such as a set of four) come in standing up positions.

Select few plush farm animals from Amazon:

Farm animals on tractors

What better way for them to learn well they play with an exciting tractor with farm animals.

Well the tractor (that usually comes with a trailer) is used to pull along the farm animals, there's usually a spot that corresponds to the animals picture.

If the toddler matches up the image to the animal figure, this will trigger the fun animal noises (which is true for both of our suggestions below).

Additionally, you may here music from the farmer or engine noises from the tractor.

Two farm animals on tractor toy options from Amazon:

Puzzles that make sounds

Turn a traditional wooden farm puzzle into a musical joy.

Well problem solving in the farm sound puzzle still exists, with farm animal puzzles, the child needs to match up the correct piece to the corresponding cutout to here sounds.

Targeted towards ages two and up, these are big chunky wooden puzzles for there little hands to grab, well they slot into the holes with little ease.

Melissa & Doug have you covered with sound puzzles:

Farm animal Games

We've established farm animal sound puzzles are must for young ones to solve puzzles by matching pieces to pictures.

With farm animal games the concept is still true, well still maintaining lots of value in their educational needs.

Farm animal games that make sounds can include up to twelve sounds that matches the animal - and with a quick pull of the level the arrow points to the animal and the game device emits the correct sound effect.

See what Fisher-Price have install from Amazon:


So there you have it, farm animal toys that make sounds can come in all forms for all ages groups and developmental stages.

Starting from 2 months, plush toys can be a great comfort to them without the need of the sounds all day long.

Well the farm animal toys that come with tractors appeals to older ones (2 years and up), a farm animal puzzle that makes sounds appeal to all ages.

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