Schleich Big Red Barn
2. Schleich Big Red Barn
Price: $109.65
Wood Farm and Barn Set
3. Wood Farm and Barn Set
Price: $78.45
John Deere Big Wooden Barn
6. John Deere Big Wooden Barn
Price: $109.99
Maxim Deluxe Red Gable Barn
7. Maxim Deluxe Red Gable Barn
Price: $135.00
Maxim Nevada Barn
8. Maxim Nevada Barn
Price: $83.13
Maxim Desert Rose Barn
9. Maxim Desert Rose Barn
Price: $20.99
Down on the Farm Barn and Stable
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Equestrian Accessories
Toy equestrian accessories include everything the young equestrian will need to kit out their horse and stables. Browse a selection of equestrian accessories featuring toy fencing and horse corral for keeping your toy horses safe and confined. Furthermore, you can keep your toy stable kited out with the very best stable set ranging from stable cleaning sets, horse feed equipment, saddle stand for your Breyer horses, and a bunch of buckets and pans to insure the stable and horses are kept in top-notch condition. Equestrian accessory toys also include tack and saddles providing more play value to the child's equestrian scene.
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Fencing & Corral
» Fencing & Corral

Toy horse corral and fencing is essential for keeping your Breyer and Schleich toy horses in a safe and secure environment. The choice of toy horse corral with feature are made from plastic and metal with authentic wooden toy horse corral also available. Toy horse fencing and corral can be used as stand alone fencing made into shapes or use with children's stables.

Stable Set including pans, buckets, saddle stands.
» Stable Sets

Keep your Schleich and Breyer stables in the best condition with a set of stable equipment for cleaning and maintaining your stable. Toy stable sets include anything from plastic toy horse buckets and wheelbarrows, to authentic toy metal buckets and pans. Furthermore, you'll find wooden saddle stands, feed sets, and grooming boxes for your favorite horse.

Toy Horse Tack
» Tack & Dressage

Toy tack and dressage for your favorite Breyer or Schleich horse includes everything you'll need for equestrian events and show jumping. Toy horse tack are specifily made to fit your Breyer horses whether you need an authentic leather saddle, shipping boots, blankets, and leather harnesses. All toy dressage and tack are fitted with Velcro or fasteners.

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