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We feature equestrian toys the young horse lover and enthusiast will love and treasure for years to come. With some of the best and biggest brands available with equestrian toys from Breyer, Schleich, Safari Ltd and Paradise Horse to name a few. Our selection of equestrian toys include children's toy stables for your Breyer and Schleich horses. Well wooden toys stables provide a central area for equestrian play, you will find the range of accessories, toy horse transport, show jumping and toy horses and ponies a a wonderful addition to any toy stable set. Browse below to explore the wonderful world of equestrian toys.

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Toy Stables
» Toy Stables

Find a home for your favorite horse with a range of plastic and wooden stables available - made to fit all brands. Browse all styles of stables for Breyer or Schleich horses with 2 to 6 stalls, to big barns featuring sliding doors, windows, removable roofs and extras.

Toy Equestrian Accessories
» Equestrian Accessories

Accessories give the young equestrian a little something more to do on their imaginative stable scene. Accessorize there horses toy tack and dressage, with accessories to add to the stable with corral and horse fencing to keep your, mostly, Breyer and Schleich horses safe and secure.

Toy Show Jumping
» Show Jumping

Learn how to ride your favorite Breyer or Schleich horse the right way with a choice of wooden show jumping schools and show jumps - sold in sets or as singles - to help build up your riding or cross-country course. Includes acessories for your Papo, Bullyland and Schleich.

Toy Horses & Ponies
» Horses & Ponies

You'll only find the best brands in model toy horses here including Breyer, Schleich, Papo and Safari Ltd to name a few toy horse brands available. The choice of plastic horses include riders, tack and dressage with tons of breeds to browse through.

Toy Equestrian Transport
» Equestrian Transport

Take your Breyer or Schleich horse to equestrian shows and events in style with an exciting toy horse trailer for transporting horses in luxury. You'll find 4x4s and Jeeps with horse trailers with feature such as free-rolling wheels, opening doors, ramps and fine detail inside as well as outside.

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