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Bruder R/C toys (are they available)

You've probably arrived at this page expecting to be greeted with available Bruder R/C toys for kids or adults like, unfortunately we're about to let you down.

Bruder do not make R/C toys of any kind, they make strictly 1:16th vehicles as a push-along only, by using a steering rod to push by hand. Its true, their tractors do look remote control by appearance, but for now Bruder R/C don't exist.

Since their very existence, Bruder have only designed and manufacturered plastic toy vehicles with no electronics or circuitry inside the interior at all.

They do have a lights and sound module that can be fixed to a number of Bruder tractors and vehicles, but this is optional.

Converting Bruder to RC

If you swear you've seen radio control tractors and similar toys with the Bruder signature design, this could be one of two things.

The most likely scenario is the model tractor or vehicle in question could be a highly customized tractor built from scratch.

The modeler would be capable of making a body from fibre glass, replicating popular model tractors and vehicles from John Deere and New Hollandm to Class and Case IH.

No license is usually required to build such models from the manufacturer, so as long as its not mass-produced or sold to older. If you've made this customized remote control vehicle for the sole purpose of your hobby - you'll be fine.

And then there is indeed Bruder R/C tractors that do exist, but like we've explained above, these are all customized models built from the ground up.

If you've been to radio control or modelers show and notice any vehicle baring the Bruder logo, the talented modeler may have converted the static, push along tractor into a speedy Bruder remote control.

This includes striping out all the interior, and wiring up the wheels, lights and features to the receiver, to use the controller.

Similar Bruder R/C tractors

Commercially available 1:16 scale R/C tractors that bare all the fantastic Bruder features are hard to come by, but we have discovered one for you.

And this is the Cheerwing R/C farm tractor in 1:16 scale, available to buy on Amazon - starting from $59.99

Building this farm tractor required no license or special permission, as it is not a model you'd be familiar with. Rather a generic name 'Double E' so no extra expense is required getting the big brands on board.

Though we have to admit, this model does look like a Fendt tractor baring their distinctive characteristics.

This model is not as impressive has the Bruder tractors, but a good start getting into remote control in 1:16 scale, at a reasonable price.


We're sorry to disappoint you in your efforts to find a Bruder R/C tractor, but as a reminder, remember Bruder never have, or never will release a radio control vehicle at this time.

Any Bruder you've seen at a model show or even a video clip online, showing a Bruder logo; this is indeed a Bruder model, but a conversion by an hobbyist.

Now you know where you stand, there's no need to waste anymore of your time seeking out R/C Bruder toys.

Instead see what other 1:16th scale R/C tractors are available, or increase your chances of success with a model in any size - large or small.

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