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Toy Farm Animals

We are proud to feature all the farm and barnyard animals you could ever possibly need on the child's play farm. Featuring a selection of durable plastic toy farm animals in large and small scales. Plastic toy farm animals have come a long way since simple and cheap molds. You can now buy for example Schleich farm animals are all hand painted to the finest detail and realism. Safari and Schleich farm animal are just a few brands leading the way in quality plastic toy farm animals for kids. Whether you're looking for cows, bulls, pigs, sheep, chickens or toy farm animal sets, we're sure to feature all the farm animal you could need.

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Toy Cows
» Toy Cows

Cows add to the farm with a a wide range of sizes including 1:64 and 1:16. Toy cows lead the way as children's favorite farm animal. You can find all breeds with the ever popular black and white Holstein cow. Children's toy cows are a must have when building up a toy farm animal collection.

Toy Bulls
» Toy Bulls

If your budding young farmer own's cows then it may be worth while investing in a mate to produce more cows. Toy bulls are essential for developing minds, educating children where cows come from and how they are made. Choose from tons of bull breeds.

Toy Pigs
» Toy Pigs

What farm will be complete without pink pinks to add to the sty. Children's toy pigs make a wonderful addition to the farm set. They are used for pork and bacon and will insure children work hard on the farm to make their pigs fat and ready for market.

Toy Sheep
» Toy Sheep

Fill up the farm fields with a choice of kids plastic toy sheep from Schleich and Safari Ltd. Toy sheep are up there next to cows as being one of the favorite farm animals today. Like the real thing, you can buy children's plastic sheep with woolly bodies and realistic faces.

Toy Poultry
» Toy Poultry

If there is one farm animal your child will adore, that is a set of toy poultry. Toy poultry can be used to produce eggs or allowed to roam the farm, pecking away to feed.Whether you're looking to add chickens, ducks, or even chicks, you're sure to find ducks, chicken and more.

Toy Goats
» Toy Goats

Although not an essential when making profit on the farm, goats make a nice addition to farm play sets when you're looking to populate a child's farm with traditional farm animals. Goats can be used for dairy products but can be mixed with sheep in their housing and on their fields.

Young Farm
» Young Farm

We've separated the young animals on the farm so you can browse baby farm animals with ease. Whether you're looking for toy calves, lambs, chicks or piglets, you'll sure to find what your looking for with our young farm animal. Browse Schleich calf, Safari lambs and Bullyland piglets.

Toy Farm Animal Sets
» Toy Farm Animal Sets

Children's toy farm animal sets provide you a quick way of filling the child's farm with all the farm animals you could need, all in one tube or container. If you're looking to buy a toy farm animal set, you can expect to find cows, sheep, pigs, a horse and even some poultry.

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