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Toy Farm Accessories

Add real play value to the child's farm play set with a choice of farm accessories. With the budding farmer working hard on the farm, they will need a few extras to carry out tasks and use the imagination to recreate a farm like real life. Discover a toy farm fence made from wood or plastic in a range of sizes. A toy farm fence comes with plenty of fencing so the young farmer can create pens for his cattle and farm animals. We feature children's toy hay bales in traditional yellow made from durable plastic in a range of scales to best suite the farm play set. We also have toy silos and grain feeds available.

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Toy Fencing & Corral
» Toy Farm Fence

Farm fencing allow the farmer to keep the farm animals safe and secure in made-shift pens and confinements. You'll have a choice of farm fencing by Schleich with a dozen or so separate panels to create your own shape. Toy fencing comes in all shapes and sizes both in plastic and wood.

Toy Hay Bales
» Toy Hay Bales

Bales of hay are just what you need when creating things to do for the young farmer. Pick from square or rounded hay bales and stack them on the back of the trailer for transporting, or perhaps stack and storing them in the barn for use as animal feed or bedding during the cold months.

Toy Silos
» Toy Silos

Silo's and grain sets really bring the realistic farm set to life. Silos and grain towers are a traditional part of North American farms, providing farmers a place to process there crop ready for selling and shipping across the USA. They come as sets but can also include lots more accessories.

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