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Established in 2008 in the United Kingdom, Toy Farmers USA - or - was then published in 2010 to focus our attention on the American market, bringing along our experience in kids farm toys.

As part of the Amazon Associates program, the site was developed to educate customers shopping for farm toys online, as the complexity of plastic or die-cast, size and scale - and different manufacturers widely available - make the simple concept of buying scale farm toys to difficult.

Eight years later, we now operate a huge web site featuring hundreds of toys for sale, and well we don't sell to you directly, all you need to do is locate the big 'Buy Box' button to head over to Amazon or third party sellers, to arrive at the related product page to make a purchase.

How we stand out from sellers of farm toys is our ability to expand on the product information available to you, sometimes by uploading more photos otherwise not available on the seller web sites.

This can be difficult when making a decision to buy when the information required is not available to you. The world of farm toys is our target audience, but with more focus and drive we can tailor our site with stand out categories and trending toys.

Made in USA toys

Well we can appreciate not all south-east Asian made toys are poor, actually they can be quite nice, but what this does is drive away jobs and money away from local communities, well importing often cheap plastic toys at sky high prices.

So we highly support Made in USA local toy makers, where jobs are created with money circulated back into local services.

But with a made in America label, you can absolutely guarantee the craftsmanship improves and the quality visible to all.

We love Made in USA toys because it means quality, raw materials brought in locally or across State and toy safety is even more paramount to American manufacturers.


Well we are all about farms, often brands develop other collections similar to, but not related to farms, so to support that brand we've featured their toy collections - which we call theme.

Currently available are equestrian, but will expand into construction, forestry, emergency and commercial toy categorize soon.

When arriving at either theme page you will then be met with sub-categorize, this is where you can narrow down your search for a certain item and find it under the most accurate sub heading.

Just like our farm theme categorize, visit the page that most relates to the toy you want.

Read the world of farm toys

Remember, we are all about assisting you in making the right decision on buying quality toys, and well we hope to improve product pages and expand on the content available to you, really our article pages is where its happening, as we write the world of farm toys with our articles.

So the first thing to due is seek out articles in guide to, but a top ten list of a farm toy you seek will go along way to making a decision on the best one available on the market.

If you are in no rush, then simply check out our articles for just a nice read about all things farming.

So, What Next?

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