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About Toy Farmers USA

Established in 2007, Toy Farmers was developed in the United Kingdom as part of the Amazon Associates program, focusing only on farm toys from leading brands.

With the ability to feature Amazon's products on our web site, we can therefore promote it to our target audience with more focus and drive and show a broad range of information that's not available directly from Amazon UK themselves.

In late 2009, Toy Farmers USA was established.

This time to focus our attention on the U.S. and Canadian market. Like our UK side of things, our aim is to focus completely on you guys, providing a wealth of information on farm toys including a large product selection to browse from.

All orders and shipping are taken care of by, America's favorite online shopping destination.

In the exciting world of farm toys, we've created a web site featuring hundreds of farm toys, whether it's toy tractors, wooden toy stables, farm animals to name just a few.

We have created an easy to navigate web site with all of our available categories featured on the menu to the left.

If you're looking for something in particular, you only need to browse the menu by category.

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